Friday, February 4, 2011

Review: CSN Stores and a Man Cave

If you haven't checked out CSN Stores it's a must! I have talked about them a few times on the blog and I've been nothing but satisfied with the numerous purchases I've made through them. With over 200 online stores, you can find everything from stylish furniture, counter height stools, or great cookware!

When the hubs and I decided we were going to purchase a new home the one thing he asked was if he was going to be able to have a man cave. I of course said yes because I'm a good wife (ha!) and it's a good way to get him to go away when I want to watch trashy reality television that I can't convince him to take part in.

I asked if I could make it a surprise and completely design the room and he said yes and followed it with listing the few things he wanted to make sure would be included in this said, "man cave". Who started this "man cave" shenanigans anyway?

I decided it would be sports themed since he always wants to try to put it randomly throughout the house and I'd rather have it in a more appropriate location. I've picked out some old baseball pictures that will adorn the walls and I will have a whole unit that will hold a lot of his sports memorablia he has as well as a large amount of our Angel's Baseball collection.

I'm going to go with a Red and Gray theme to go with a lot of our Angel's stuff and thought it would be fun to find some items on the CSN website to add some special sports touches here and there. Check out some of the items I found that will be perfect...

How cool would it be to get him this chair?

Gosh if there was room (and I had the money) I would so get this pool table!

They even have matching ball and pool cues!

Very fun to have with other Angel's memorabilia like our bobble-head collection

Freakin' sweet.

This clock would be cool to have.

I could seriously go on and on, there is tons of great MLB memorablia (or any sports for that matter) on the CSN website!

*I will be given credit to use towards my purchase for writing a review.


Mrs. Pancakes said...

My man would love the chair for his future man-cave:-)

Hollie Ann said...

great ideas for guys!!!!!