Friday, October 15, 2010

Wedding Necklace Tips for the Bride (Sponsored)

The wedding is one of the most important events of a woman’s life, right next to child birth, first house, first kiss etc. This is a widely established fact that most women know almost instinctively. In fact, the importance of a wedding for a woman is such that some women start playing wedding in their younger years already. Owing to such significance that weddings have for a woman, it is not a surprise that they try to get only premiere jewelry necklaces for their weddings. However, wanting the best look and achieving it are two very different things, and many women falter in their efforts to look good due to a lack of fashion sense. However, the following should turn out to be helpful with regards to wearing premiere jewelry necklaces on the basis of the type of wedding dress.
1. Gowns with a low neckline: 
Gowns that have low necklines need to be supplemented with necklaces that drop down instead of hugging the neck. The reason for this is that short necklaces with low neckline gowns can make a woman’s chest too broad or wide.

2. Off the shoulder gowns: 
Off the shoulder gowns or strapless gowns provide the freedom to be able to choose flashy attention seeking necklaces or necklaces with large pendants. Furthermore, a bride can also use chokers with particularly flashy pendants because of the larger area of space to work with. A choker with a strapless or off the shoulder gown results in both the elements i.e. gown and necklace to be showcased due to the space between them.
However, both the tips listed above would be moot if the wedding gown is enough by itself. For example, a highly embellished wedding gown with sequins and lots of pearls does not warrant the use of a particularly jazzy necklace or, for that matter, any other premiere jewelry. On the contrary, gowns that are particularly aggrandized are better supplemented with simple necklaces. In fact, the more subtle and low key the necklace is, the more it will be able to set off the beauty of the wedding gown.

The wedding ceremony is one of those extremely rare and wonderful experiences that a woman remembers and cherishes throughout her life. This is the reason why the bride to be should never just pick up the biggest necklace or the most low key premiere jewelry. She should find the right combination of everything.

*This post was sponsored by Abazias Diamonds.