Thursday, May 6, 2010

Flowers You Want on the Cheap

There were flowers I just had to have in my bouquet. Unfortunately they were all the most expensive flowers you could want. Not only that I wanted a big, round, full bouquet. Cha-ching. Add a few more bucks right there. But let me tell you, you can have your dream bouquet by messing around a little bit.

First of all don't insist that your bridesmaids must have the same flowers as yours, my BMs had a few of the same flowers but then she added in a few less expensive flowers that I still loved and took up space -- for example spider and button mums.

P.S. I'm only going to do the "Read More" posts a couple more times before I'm done on this blog... be sure to add my new blog to your reader before you start miss the posts!

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