Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wedding Chicks Just Rocked My World...

...but a little too late. Won't be able to use these for any of my stationary but they were just too cute not to share! I'm going to try and get creative with what I could use these for.

Honestly, I just saw Wedding Chicks post this on Twitter and I always wondered why nobody had this yet on a wedding website. Wedding Chicks is now offering FREE custom monograms. I'm sure the collection will grow over time but right now they have a few cute monograms that you just plug in the names, dates, and colors you want and it gets emailed to you in SECONDS for you to use. I made a few in my colors and also some in other colors just to share. They also have it to make custom "Will you be my ..." monograms to use on tags, cards, whatever.

I thought these bird ones were really cute. One idea I had was since clearly my wedding is only a week away, if there is one you really like you don't even have to put your wedding date. Just your names with your new last name or something and then you can put it on stationary or something through Uprinting or Vista Print.

This one rather then putting the bride and grooms names I put a made up name and then bridesmaid underneath instead of the date. You could use this for their thank you card or something else for your BMs.

I decided to do this next one in Mocha and Grass Green... the colors of my cousins wedding that I'm going to be in, in October.

So not only do they have the monogram templates but they also had templates for the "Will you be my...?" cards. They had this cute florish one where you could customize the colors and the title (Bridesmaid, Maid of Honor, etc.). They also had one that I loved with some tandem bicycles.

If I ever would have seen this early enough for the wedding I probably would have used the sea horse one, it's so cute and it matches all of the suite we used for our rehearsal dinner as well.

Don't you just love finding freebies? What are some other ways you could use these templates from Wedding Chicks?


Alvina said...

Wheee! I wants to play! Thanks! :] Don't you love start up companies? haha.

Leanne said...

OOOHHH....You have just started a brand new obsession!


Em said...

Such a good idea! Yeah no kidding...where was this when I was in the monogram/stationary part of planning. Hmm wonder how I can sneak this into my everyday life...

My Dream Ring said...

WC is so awesome, love those ladies!

Alicia said...

You probably won't read this until after the wedding, but HAVE A FABULOUS DAY!!!

I can't wait to read all about it!

Happy Wedding!