Monday, April 12, 2010


Okay seriously, this past weekend had the potential to be a wedding filled weekend... a day to truly get everything done. I even had off Friday for one of my furlough days... confession: I'm a bridal slacker. I didn't do ANYTHING wedding related. Okay wait, I wrapped the groomsman gifts at midnight on Friday night. But other then that? Nothing. And it wasn't even that I was busy... I was just being lazzzzzzy.

Replace Bud Light with glass of Gevurtztraminer(sp?).

Friday I laid around all day and caught up on some Ellen episodes (if you know me you know my love for Ellen)... also hit up the dentist, doctor, and a quick lunch at BJs with my dad. Ohhh and picked up a few honeymoon items at Old Navy, wow they have a lot of cute new stuff for the summer!

Hahahhaha... the Shake Weight I totally want one!

Mr. Mojito didn't get home until around 7:45 and we were starving so just grabbed some quick dinner and then vegged the remainder of the evening.

On day down, no wedding stuff accomplished.

Saturday... I sleep. The latest I've slept in a while. Feels awesome. Watch more Ellen, wow startin' to really give myself some free Tivo space to fill up while on the Honeymoon! Mr. Mojito is off galavanting with his parents... they are buying us a new BBQ, finally! No more George Forman meats... I've been dying for a BBQ. It's going to come fully assembled to our house the weekend after we get back from our Honeymoon. We then head about an hour down to Temecula where we had our Wine Club dinner... after three glasses of delicious wine and a tasting in the cellor we enjoy a delish homemade Hungarian meal and then head back home by around 8:00. By 8:02 we are passed out on the bed. 10:30 pm we wake up. Holy crap what happened. I go back to bed, wake up at 4:00 am... can't go back to sleep.

Another day down, no wedding stuff accomplished.

It's now Sunday... realizing OMG I HAVEN'T DONE ANYTHING FOR THE WEDDING... so I decide to head down to this big crew member sale that Disneyland is having for their staff... spend money that we don't have, grab some lunch and head to some training for Dakota.

Please note this is NOT the Disney merch I purchased.

It's now 4:00, I have two hours to kill before heading to my hair appointment, hmm I think I'll watch some Ellen.

Oh wait, hair appointment... that's kinda wedding related! Brad got his hair cut for the big day, looks sexy. I then got my hair trimmed and died, looks fab. Wasn't THRILLED with my first hair trial so she did another one - LOVED it. Took pix, but can't upload them for some reason. So guess what... you'll just get to see the real deal in a week. :)

My hair ALMOST looks like that if I let it air dry. Scary right?

Basically that was my weekend, 100% not productive but whatever... it was a nice weekend with the FH and I have all week to continue to stress out. Looking forward to Thursday though... massage, nail/pedicure appt, and my brazilian blowout! Can't wait to tell ya'll how that goes! :)


Katy said...

Hey Laura! The big day is coming up soon! Just got home from our honeymoon and I totally bought all my honeymoon attire from Old Navy too, worked out perfectly. Just a head's up about your venue, time goes by really fast so enjoy every moment! Can't wait to see pictures!

Stephanie said...

You totally deserved some slacker time! Everything will be PERFECTION come this weekend! Can't wait to see pictures!!!!

LauraLou said...

So I posted about honeymoon attire from Old Navy, but when I went and looked I didn't find anything! :( What all did you end up getting? Can't believe your honeymoon (and wedding of course) is so close!!

Kerrie said...

Hungarian food? WHERE? My husband is from there and we do not know any restaurant (other then in LA!) Please tell!