Friday, April 2, 2010

DIY Invite Savings?

About a month ago, Em from Burning River Bride and myself exchanged a couple of tweets on how doing DIY invites might not actually save you that much money.

Sure there is the exception... I did invites from Michael's for my friends wedding and spent just around $50. But when I weighed out the options of fabulous custom invites to doing it myself it seemed like a no brainer. Now I'm doing the math and wondering.

When I first got engaged my obsession was pocketfolds. I'm an organized person and the thought of everything neatly tucked and organized in a beautiful metallic envelope just tickled my fancy. Had to have it. Then I researched... Holy smokes! $4, $5, even $7 a pop per invite?! I'm going to need at LEAST 100 invites, I couldn't even imagine spending that kind of money on something so many people care less about while I on the other hand love some good stationary. So I started thinking of alternatives on how I could get something as fabulous but on my budget...

So this is what I decided. I would purchase the pocketfolds and then do all of the printing myself. Simple enough right and I'm sure super cheap! So I went on Cards & Pockets and fount the pocketfolds I wanted on sale for like $.70 each. Didn't sound too bad. I was convinced now I could do each invite for about $1 without postage. Psh, this is just the beginning.

They're back to $1.38 each, I scored.

I then started designing things and realized I didn't like any of it. Nothing I had was great and I just didn't have the best design skills to do something I wanted to portray for MY wedding. So like always I started searching around on the Weddingbee classified. I found a ad for a designer who was starting to do wedding invites and looking for some people to design for to use for her portfolio. I've told you tons about Leslie from Slieberry Designs. She's awesome, and was my invitation hero. I got her services free of charge and she did all of my design for all of the pocketfold inserts as well as the actual invite. She even offered to do any other stationary needs so I had her do the menu and all of the other things I just ended up taking care of myself.

Everything turned out great and I was so happy with the results. Since my RSVP card insert was double sided and because I'm a horrrrrible person to use a paper cutter I decided to leave this to the professionals. It probably wouldn't have been TOO bad to have them print... but I forced them to also cut them all for me... and I HAD to have the maching pearly metallic paper! I ended up spending almost $300. The paper was pretty pricey and after all of the "design" fees (to fit everything on the paper to get the most of the paper), the printing, the cutting, etc. it really added up.

Because of the price this was all ending up to be I ended up forgoing my belly bands I designed and didn't even decide to seal it. I didn't seal it because I decided to go with clear vellum envelopes, which with the fuschia metallic pocketfold underneath it looked GREAT. I purchased 100 vellum envelopes on eBay for like hardly anything. Do envelope shopping on eBay people. I'm always successful with that. People try to charge rediculous prices for envelopes.

Next fee increase? Forgot that a pocketfold is clearly going to make my invite weigh more then an ounce. That's going to make the price go up. So I had to get the <>100 pocketfolds with shipping - $75.00

100 vellum envelopes - $10.00

100 $.61 stamps - $61.00

100 $.28 stamps (for RSVP postcards) - $28.00

Printing - approx. $300.00

Design Fee - FREE (God bless you Leslie)

TOTAL: $474.00

Price per invitation WITH postage: $4.74 each

Worth it? Sure. I guess. I've had GREAT compliments on my invitations, which if I didn't I probably would have been pissed. LOL I still think for all of the work I had to do myself it was a little pricey.

What I'd do? Make an impact. Write on a 3x5 card the date and info, tape a few dollars to it. Your guests will thank you and they will never forget your invitations. :)

So did you try to go a DIY route to save money and in the end realize you didn't save any money at all? I want to hear your stories!


JEM - Aqua Bride said...

I made my own invitations and although they're not totally finished yet, I can see them coming in at about $2.50 each. I will post the invite and price breakdown after I mail them in about 2 months.

Alvina said...

"Write on a 3x5 card the date and info, tape a few dollars to it." HAHA I LIKE that! :]

I did my own invites too and yes, they get you at printing! Ours turned out a little more expensive than I thought they would but it was mostly due to the ribbon/belly band... only 7 invites PER spool! Nonsense!

Stephanie said...

I'm also doing DIY pocketfolds and they are costing a total of 2.60 including both stamps. (RSVP and .61)

I think 2.60 is high- but for what I'm getting it's a good price

here's my breakdown for 160 invites:

pocketfold from paperandmore 128.00
Envelopes from cards&pockets 30.00
main invite card- metallic print from adoramapix - 35.00
inserts (cardstock, printed, and cut by me 30.00
stamps= 142.00

so that is about $375 total....not bad but a little more than I originally anticipated DIY invites to be :)

Em said...

I'm actually scared to figure out how much I spent. I think I threw out most of the receipts so I wouldn't worry about it. Your invitations DID turn out lovely so I'd say the cost was worth it :)

NuFlaiir - Planning a Destination Wedding said...

Your invitations turn out great with a great price $$$.


Aubrey said...

12 more days. I know you've got to be as excited for your big day as I am mine!

Born to be Mrs. Beever said...

I used Cards & Pockets for DIY Save the Dates which I loved! But for the invites, no way was I going to do that. Our RSVP cards were also double sided :) I ended up finding a lady to custom design and print everything for me. In the end, our pocketfold invites with 4 inserts (instead of the standard 3) and bellyband wraps and double sided printing ended up coming in somewhere between $5 and $5.20 each I think. Not too bad. It was worth it to me. I love your invites, too btw.

It's so crazy to think on the day I am getting married you'll be heading to your rehearsal! How fun! Super close now.

Ashley @ Ramirez Family said...

We did the whole metallic pocket invitations too last year but we paid $12+ for them!! Eeekk. THey looked awesome and everyone commented on how they were the prettiest invitation they had ever seen, so I guess it was worth it ;)