Thursday, April 1, 2010

Day After Shoot Amazzzingness

On Green Wedding Shoes this morning I saw a shoot that was just too good to not share with my readers if you don't follow GWS. OMG, the details!
The cupcakes, the bout, the bouquet, the desk, the dress, everything. This shoot makes me envvvious of not taking advantage of my epix. They were very original and such a fun experience, but I see pix like this and wish I would have done more.

GAH! Not over it, just so love them. Hope you enjoyed!
You can see even MORE (so much more) here:
Did you see those Programs and Invites?! Holy cow.
Why wasn't I invited? Love weddings like this.

*Photography by Ashley Maxwell

1 comment:

Stephanie said...

Love it! Such a country-fairytale feel. Your wedding will be just as fabulous!!! :)

And not to burst a bubble because everything is still gorgeous, but when reading the photog's site, this shoot was all set up by the photog. They made the invites, programs, bouts and staged the area. It was a photoshoot for the photog's first window display in their new studio. Again, doesn't take away from the lovliness, but that couple didn't arrange any of it - they just look beautiful and in love :-D

Just like you and Mr. Mojito!!!