Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Giveaway Winner!

I almost forgot!
The winner of 50 Thank You Cards from Digital Media is
"I Do Budget Weddings"
I just sent you an email so if you can get back to me with your full name and email you'd like to use I will try and get that to them ASAP!
Thanks to everyone who entered!

Tweeting My Wedding

As most of you know, I Tweeted my wedding.

No I didn't PHYSICALLY Tweet my wedding but I hired someone who thought it was the best idea ever when I brought it up to him... as a joke.

A couple of months ago I mentioned to MOH-KC's little brother that I wish I could tweet my entire wedding so that all of my online bride friends could get a little taste of the wedding. I mentioned that my mom would probably sacrifice me if she knew I was on my phone the whole wedding and said he should do it. He immediately said he would do it and basically didn't let it go... it was seriously an hour and a half before my wedding when I got a text from him saying "What's your Twitter password... time to get Tweeting!"

I sent it on over and had the BEST time reading all of the tweets, seeing his TwitPics, and reading all of your responses on Sunday night! I know many of you don't have a Twitter so this is my way of doing a mini recap through the eyes of a guest and their blackberry...

Just as an FYI, this post will get long and obnoxious. :) Enjoy!

Hi! It's me, @mcompean, the official tweeter for Laura & Brad's official wedding day...get excited! http://tweetphoto.com/18873025
4:15 PM Apr 17th via UberTwitter

Cool Breeze...sun shining....good day for a wedding, I would say. Countdown: 1 hour.
4:17 PM Apr 17th via UberTwitter

I see the lido marina!!! http://tweetphoto.com/18873462
4:19 PM Apr 17th via UberTwitter

I promise pics of her the second I arrive! :) RT: @Em219: @MeSooLaLa You're cute...now let's see some pics of Miss (almost Mrs.) Laura!!
4:21 PM Apr 17th via UberTwitter

This Just In: wedding pre-photos finished. Wedding party en route to the yacht! Ready or not, here it comessss :)
4:37 PM Apr 17th via UberTwitter

Spotted: the beautiful mother of the bride! P.s. 30 minutes! http://tweetphoto.com/18878163
4:52 PM Apr 17th via UberTwitter

This area is so cute. Lots of shops and boats!
4:57 PM Apr 17th via UberTwitter

As Michael Jackson would say...this is it. http://tweetphoto.com/18879666
5:03 PM Apr 17th via UberTwitter

I spy a photobooth being set-up!
5:18 PM Apr 17th via UberTwitter

Partys startinggg... http://tweetphoto.com/18883719
5:33 PM Apr 17th via UberTwitter

Just got a sneak peek of the bride. One word: gorgeous.
5:47 PM Apr 17th via UberTwitter

Getting our "safety orientation" on the boat. Lol. Yay
6:00 PM Apr 17th via UberTwitter

So cute! http://tweetphoto.com/18887803
6:04 PM Apr 17th via UberTwitter

Just a reminder, this is @mcompean ... Lol. I doubt twitter is the last thing on Laura's mind right now. 10 minutes! Eee!
6:05 PM Apr 17th via UberTwitter

The crowd looks so beautiful! Everyone has a smile on their face! The boat has now left the port!
6:14 PM Apr 17th via UberTwitter

Its starting!
6:15 PM Apr 17th via UberTwitter

Beautiful bride http://tweetphoto.com/18889769
6:18 PM Apr 17th via UberTwitter

Laura and her pops! http://tweetphoto.com/18889838
6:19 PM Apr 17th via UberTwitter

Wedding Prayer.
6:20 PM Apr 17th via UberTwitter

{These are all of the bridal party ones... not showing you the TwitPics but you can click on the links if you want}

Omg this is surreal! http://tweetphoto.com/18890547
6:24 PM Apr 17th via UberTwitter

Aww! http://tweetphoto.com/18890467
6:23 PM Apr 17th via UberTwitter

So pretty! http://tweetphoto.com/18890410
6:23 PM Apr 17th via UberTwitter

Love it! http://tweetphoto.com/18890345
6:22 PM Apr 17th via UberTwitter

Bridesmaids! http://tweetphoto.com/18890294
6:22 PM Apr 17th via UberTwitter

Gorgeous backdrop and amazing speaker http://tweetphoto.com/18890849
6:26 PM Apr 17th via UberTwitter

Gus is reading a cute poem called "I like you" ...its too cute
6:27 PM Apr 17th via UberTwitter

Brad looks great!
6:29 PM Apr 17th via UberTwitter

The pastor just said brad has a "special package"....I'm not going to ask.
6:30 PM Apr 17th via UberTwitter

"Because she is Laura Frances...and there is simply no substitute" -brad on why he wants to marry laura
6:38 PM Apr 17th via UberTwitter

Communion and sand ceremony. So symbolic. So much thought was put into the ceremony!
6:49 PM Apr 17th via UberTwitter

Yay!!!! You may kiss the bride. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Lewis!!!!! http://tweetphoto.com/18894196
6:51 PM Apr 17th via UberTwitter

I'm gonna be brutally honest and say it: I'm kind of in LOVE with this boat! Level 1 here we come for the PARTY!
6:57 PM Apr 17th via UberTwitter

Lol the mints r cute http://tweetphoto.com/18895496
7:01 PM Apr 17th via UberTwitter

The gorgeous sunset view from floor 1! http://tweetphoto.com/18897277
7:14 PM Apr 17th via UberTwitter

The official tweeter with the newlyweds! Ahhh! http://tweetphoto.com/18897730
7:18 PM Apr 17th via UberTwitter

The food is SO good.
7:38 PM Apr 17th via UberTwitter

So now during dinner I will tell you all of some fond memories I have of laura! Get ready..
7:38 PM Apr 17th via UberTwitter

My parents used to pay her to drive me to concerts. Lol. And sometimes even for her to go with me (aka ludacris concert) thx lo-lu!
7:40 PM Apr 17th via UberTwitter

I miss our del-taco runs :(
7:51 PM Apr 17th via UberTwitter

Laura's dad giving a speech. She's so lucky to have a dad like him. He loves her so much and her new hubby! So cute
7:52 PM Apr 17th via UberTwitter

Hehe http://tweetphoto.com/18904972
8:14 PM Apr 17th via UberTwitter

Photobooth fun http://tweetphoto.com/18905039
8:14 PM Apr 17th via UberTwitter

The first dance! http://tweetphoto.com/18905351
8:17 PM Apr 17th via UberTwitter

They're too freaking cute... I'm pretty sure he's singing to her! Love.
8:17 PM Apr 17th via UberTwitter

Dance partay http://tweetphoto.com/18908934
8:45 PM Apr 17th via UberTwitter

Cutting of the cakey http://tweetphoto.com/18910185
8:55 PM Apr 17th via UberTwitter

Too cute http://tweetphoto.com/18910268
8:55 PM Apr 17th via UberTwitter

Wowwwww http://tweetphoto.com/18914294
9:29 PM Apr 17th via UberTwitter

All the single ladiesssss...bouqet time http://tweetphoto.com/18913905
9:25 PM Apr 17th via UberTwitter

Cookie Buffet http://tweetphoto.com/18917943
9:59 PM Apr 17th via UberTwitter

(Yah, remember my last minute cookie bar idea?! Success. That thing got wiped. out.)

Um those snickerdoodles I just devoured were breathtaking. Can I have more?
10:01 PM Apr 17th via UberTwitter

The end! What an amazing and fun wedding! Signing out now! Congrats again you two! If you liked my tweets, follow me @mcompean ! Cheers!
10:18 PM Apr 17th via UberTwitter

So I hope you enjoyed my redonkulous Tweet post... it gave you a nice little recap of the wedding to get you ready for the big recaps next month!

REVIEW: Brazillian Blowout

Okay, let me clarify.

A Brazilian Blowout has NOTHING to do with anything referring to my hoo-haw.

When I started discussing my appointment to get a Brazilian Blowout for the wedding / honeymoon people thought I was sharing too much in public. The Brazilian Blowout is actually an organic treatment (that's right, no chemicals)... after the process depending on your upkeep (the amount you wash it, the type of shampoos you use, etc.) it could last around 8-12 weeks.

This all natural treatment took about two hours and left me with AMAZZZZING smooth and healthy, frizz-free hair, with killer shine.

I went into the salon looking like this:

That's what my hair looks like while air drying (it still was damp so not at it's full lion potential).

This is how the process went in short detail:

1) Wash hair hardcore for like 10 minutes to make sure ALL buildup and products are off of the hair.

2) No Conditioner was used so spend another 10 minutes combing out my mane.

3) Comb in the Brazilian Blowout product stuff that she paints in inch by inch (kinda like putting color on your hair).

4) Blowdry the product into your hair... you do not wash it out. Right now it already is looking amazing.

5) She then flat irons the product inch by inch to really heat up the hair to lock in the product. OMG, I love my hair.

6) Then she washed it. WAHHH?! My hair looked gorgeous and it was so sad for her to wash my hair.

7) Repeat -- blowdried my whole head and flat ironed the whole thing again.

And then I looked like this...

Seriously, in love. The point of this whole process is to eliminate frizz when letting your hair air dry or blow dry. I actually was able to blow dry my hair yesterday and not straighten it after... I've NEVER done that. Not only that it cut the blow dry time down rediculously! It usually takes 30-45 minutes to blow dry my hair completely depending on how wet my hair is but yesterday it probably took me 15 minutes MAX and it looked great.

I was told I'll never go back but it can be a little pricey, the upkeep is way cheaper then the original first time process so we shall see... I'm going to see how long it lasts and if I continue to feel it makes a huge difference.

As of right now though? I'm in love with more then Mr. Mojito.

I'm baaaackkk...

...but only for a second! Just had to check base with ya'll to let you know that I had a FABULOUS wedding. Like seriously, a lot of people say that but mine truly was amazing. I can't wait to share all of my thoughts and experiences with all of you... I leave for my Honeymoon on Thursday so I might try to write a post or two before I leave but no recaps will be starting until May... I'll be introducing my new blog then!

I'm basically obsessed with this picture because of my bouquet.
I was telling Em (Burning River Bride) that I wish I could have it replicated on a weekly basis to sit on my desk at work... I could gaggle over it forever.

Please excuse whatever I'm awkwardly doing in this photo... but isn't my new hubs sexy?!

It's so fun... things aren't much different but I feel like I'm playing house. He got home from work late last night and we seriously laid in bed talking for an hour and a half just about the wedding and how happy we were.

Now I'm ready to go to the Carribean and I can't wait to share everything with ya'll... I'll try to get some posts in before I leave.

Thanks for all the well wishes everyone...

-Mrs. Mojito

(Damn, my automatic signature doesn't work anymore!)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

This is it!

It's finally here, the day I will become Mrs. Mojito. It's been 14 months since we booked the venue, and 10 months since Mr. Mojito proposed and the time has just completely flown by. I can't believe that this evening aboard the yacht I will be hand in hand with the man of my dreams, calling him my husband in just a few short hours.

To my family and friends...

You guys are my everything. I'm the person I am today because every single one of you have been a part of my life. You have supported Brad and I since day one physically, emotionally and in the case of the wedding - financially. I'm so blessed to have such incredible people in my life, and my day is going to be that much greater because every. single. one. of you are in it.

To Mr. Mojito...

You are my rock. You are my strength. That might seem so cliche for me to say, but it's so true. You've made me realize what love is, and how so many things I thought I felt in the past was never anything to compare to what I have and feel now. I am so excited to become your wife today and to embark on this journey together. You were my first real true love and I'm so excited for all of the other "firsts" we have to come -- homes, trips, children. It's all so much to look forward to and I thank God every day for putting you in my life.

And of course to my blogging friends who've been here for it all...

I can truly say that I have met some of the best people I've ever met in my entire life through this wedding process (big hugs to Kelly the original Miss Pugs, Stephanie from I Do at the Zoo, Em from Burning River Bride, Ali AKA Mrs. Frenchie, and I could continue...). Some of you I've met, some of you I plan to meet, and some of you will just be people that will stay in my life hopefully for a long time after this wedding. I never knew what I was getting into the day I found Weddingbee which inspired me to start this blogging journey and meet girls that would be more honest then some of my own friends. You have been here to listen, give advice, and keep me busy for the past fourteen months while I should be working.

Thank you everyone for your love and support over this time and I'm so excited to start this journey as Mr. Mojito's wife.

I love you all more then you know!

Signing out for the last time as a Miss... Miss Mojito <3>

P.S. Be ready for the debut of my new blog once I get back from the Honeymoon! I will be transitioning you all into my new blogging home as I start my recaps!

P.S.2. I hopefully will have a couple pix to post in the next couple days before I leave for my honeymoon!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Yo! I'm getting married tomorrow!

At the moment I plan on not taking much of a break from Twitter tomorrow... you will be hearing from me or my official wedding Twitter sidekick who will be signed into my account throughout the night to take pix and post onto my Twitter account!

If you don't follow me already make an account to follow along throughout the day!
Time for my rehearsal dinner...

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Don't forget!

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Monday, April 12, 2010


Okay seriously, this past weekend had the potential to be a wedding filled weekend... a day to truly get everything done. I even had off Friday for one of my furlough days... confession: I'm a bridal slacker. I didn't do ANYTHING wedding related. Okay wait, I wrapped the groomsman gifts at midnight on Friday night. But other then that? Nothing. And it wasn't even that I was busy... I was just being lazzzzzzy.

Replace Bud Light with glass of Gevurtztraminer(sp?).

Friday I laid around all day and caught up on some Ellen episodes (if you know me you know my love for Ellen)... also hit up the dentist, doctor, and a quick lunch at BJs with my dad. Ohhh and picked up a few honeymoon items at Old Navy, wow they have a lot of cute new stuff for the summer!

Hahahhaha... the Shake Weight I totally want one!

Mr. Mojito didn't get home until around 7:45 and we were starving so just grabbed some quick dinner and then vegged the remainder of the evening.

On day down, no wedding stuff accomplished.

Saturday... I sleep. The latest I've slept in a while. Feels awesome. Watch more Ellen, wow startin' to really give myself some free Tivo space to fill up while on the Honeymoon! Mr. Mojito is off galavanting with his parents... they are buying us a new BBQ, finally! No more George Forman meats... I've been dying for a BBQ. It's going to come fully assembled to our house the weekend after we get back from our Honeymoon. We then head about an hour down to Temecula where we had our Wine Club dinner... after three glasses of delicious wine and a tasting in the cellor we enjoy a delish homemade Hungarian meal and then head back home by around 8:00. By 8:02 we are passed out on the bed. 10:30 pm we wake up. Holy crap what happened. I go back to bed, wake up at 4:00 am... can't go back to sleep.

Another day down, no wedding stuff accomplished.

It's now Sunday... realizing OMG I HAVEN'T DONE ANYTHING FOR THE WEDDING... so I decide to head down to this big crew member sale that Disneyland is having for their staff... spend money that we don't have, grab some lunch and head to some training for Dakota.

Please note this is NOT the Disney merch I purchased.

It's now 4:00, I have two hours to kill before heading to my hair appointment, hmm I think I'll watch some Ellen.

Oh wait, hair appointment... that's kinda wedding related! Brad got his hair cut for the big day, looks sexy. I then got my hair trimmed and died, looks fab. Wasn't THRILLED with my first hair trial so she did another one - LOVED it. Took pix, but can't upload them for some reason. So guess what... you'll just get to see the real deal in a week. :)

My hair ALMOST looks like that if I let it air dry. Scary right?

Basically that was my weekend, 100% not productive but whatever... it was a nice weekend with the FH and I have all week to continue to stress out. Looking forward to Thursday though... massage, nail/pedicure appt, and my brazilian blowout! Can't wait to tell ya'll how that goes! :)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Is this a bad time for a giveaway?

Probably seeing that I'm nine days (omg!) away from my wedding, but oh well I'm doing it anyway! I can't resist a giveaway from my readers.

Today I'm bringing my readers another giveaway hosted by Digital Room!

I feel like a lot of my readers are getting close to their big day and experiencing lots of showers. Isn't now a great time to get some of those thank you cards going?

So here is the giveaway prize to one of my lucky readers:

(50 ct.) 7 x 5" (folded to 3.5 x 5") Custom Thank You Cards with plain envelopes
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To enter: Please comment on what you would use these cards for.

The first one is mandatory, these are options to get yourself extra entries:
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That's five possible, entires. Good luck!

The giveaway will end on MY WEDDING DAY, April 17!! My goal will be to post the winner before I leave on my honeymoon before April 22!

*I will be receiving 50 thank you cards from Digital Room for hosting this giveaway.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wedding Chicks Just Rocked My World...

...but a little too late. Won't be able to use these for any of my stationary but they were just too cute not to share! I'm going to try and get creative with what I could use these for.

Honestly, I just saw Wedding Chicks post this on Twitter and I always wondered why nobody had this yet on a wedding website. Wedding Chicks is now offering FREE custom monograms. I'm sure the collection will grow over time but right now they have a few cute monograms that you just plug in the names, dates, and colors you want and it gets emailed to you in SECONDS for you to use. I made a few in my colors and also some in other colors just to share. They also have it to make custom "Will you be my ..." monograms to use on tags, cards, whatever.

I thought these bird ones were really cute. One idea I had was since clearly my wedding is only a week away, if there is one you really like you don't even have to put your wedding date. Just your names with your new last name or something and then you can put it on stationary or something through Uprinting or Vista Print.

This one rather then putting the bride and grooms names I put a made up name and then bridesmaid underneath instead of the date. You could use this for their thank you card or something else for your BMs.

I decided to do this next one in Mocha and Grass Green... the colors of my cousins wedding that I'm going to be in, in October.

So not only do they have the monogram templates but they also had templates for the "Will you be my...?" cards. They had this cute florish one where you could customize the colors and the title (Bridesmaid, Maid of Honor, etc.). They also had one that I loved with some tandem bicycles.

If I ever would have seen this early enough for the wedding I probably would have used the sea horse one, it's so cute and it matches all of the suite we used for our rehearsal dinner as well.

Don't you just love finding freebies? What are some other ways you could use these templates from Wedding Chicks?

Friday, April 2, 2010

DIY Invite Savings?

About a month ago, Em from Burning River Bride and myself exchanged a couple of tweets on how doing DIY invites might not actually save you that much money.

Sure there is the exception... I did invites from Michael's for my friends wedding and spent just around $50. But when I weighed out the options of fabulous custom invites to doing it myself it seemed like a no brainer. Now I'm doing the math and wondering.

When I first got engaged my obsession was pocketfolds. I'm an organized person and the thought of everything neatly tucked and organized in a beautiful metallic envelope just tickled my fancy. Had to have it. Then I researched... Holy smokes! $4, $5, even $7 a pop per invite?! I'm going to need at LEAST 100 invites, I couldn't even imagine spending that kind of money on something so many people care less about while I on the other hand love some good stationary. So I started thinking of alternatives on how I could get something as fabulous but on my budget...

So this is what I decided. I would purchase the pocketfolds and then do all of the printing myself. Simple enough right and I'm sure super cheap! So I went on Cards & Pockets and fount the pocketfolds I wanted on sale for like $.70 each. Didn't sound too bad. I was convinced now I could do each invite for about $1 without postage. Psh, this is just the beginning.

They're back to $1.38 each, I scored.

I then started designing things and realized I didn't like any of it. Nothing I had was great and I just didn't have the best design skills to do something I wanted to portray for MY wedding. So like always I started searching around on the Weddingbee classified. I found a ad for a designer who was starting to do wedding invites and looking for some people to design for to use for her portfolio. I've told you tons about Leslie from Slieberry Designs. She's awesome, and was my invitation hero. I got her services free of charge and she did all of my design for all of the pocketfold inserts as well as the actual invite. She even offered to do any other stationary needs so I had her do the menu and all of the other things I just ended up taking care of myself.

Everything turned out great and I was so happy with the results. Since my RSVP card insert was double sided and because I'm a horrrrrible person to use a paper cutter I decided to leave this to the professionals. It probably wouldn't have been TOO bad to have them print... but I forced them to also cut them all for me... and I HAD to have the maching pearly metallic paper! I ended up spending almost $300. The paper was pretty pricey and after all of the "design" fees (to fit everything on the paper to get the most of the paper), the printing, the cutting, etc. it really added up.

Because of the price this was all ending up to be I ended up forgoing my belly bands I designed and didn't even decide to seal it. I didn't seal it because I decided to go with clear vellum envelopes, which with the fuschia metallic pocketfold underneath it looked GREAT. I purchased 100 vellum envelopes on eBay for like hardly anything. Do envelope shopping on eBay people. I'm always successful with that. People try to charge rediculous prices for envelopes.

Next fee increase? Forgot that a pocketfold is clearly going to make my invite weigh more then an ounce. That's going to make the price go up. So I had to get the <>100 pocketfolds with shipping - $75.00

100 vellum envelopes - $10.00

100 $.61 stamps - $61.00

100 $.28 stamps (for RSVP postcards) - $28.00

Printing - approx. $300.00

Design Fee - FREE (God bless you Leslie)

TOTAL: $474.00

Price per invitation WITH postage: $4.74 each

Worth it? Sure. I guess. I've had GREAT compliments on my invitations, which if I didn't I probably would have been pissed. LOL I still think for all of the work I had to do myself it was a little pricey.

What I'd do? Make an impact. Write on a 3x5 card the date and info, tape a few dollars to it. Your guests will thank you and they will never forget your invitations. :)

So did you try to go a DIY route to save money and in the end realize you didn't save any money at all? I want to hear your stories!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

New Father / Daughter Dance Song

So for me the Father / Daughter dance seemed like a never ending big deal to me. I'm a big time daddy's girl and this was going to be a very important and sentimental moment for me. There were a few songs he liked, a few I liked and we narrowed it down to a couple still not sure what we were going to do.

Then MOH-KC sent me a link to this song on Monday...

Perfect. That's the one. Simple as that.

Sent one of the newest songs by Edwin McCain songs, "Walk With You", over to mom and dad and they agreed.

Now there's only one more thing I need to figure out...

How the hell am I going to get through this song without turning into one hot mess?!

Day After Shoot Amazzzingness

On Green Wedding Shoes this morning I saw a shoot that was just too good to not share with my readers if you don't follow GWS. OMG, the details!
The cupcakes, the bout, the bouquet, the desk, the dress, everything. This shoot makes me envvvious of not taking advantage of my epix. They were very original and such a fun experience, but I see pix like this and wish I would have done more.

GAH! Not over it, just so love them. Hope you enjoyed!
You can see even MORE (so much more) here:
Did you see those Programs and Invites?! Holy cow.
Why wasn't I invited? Love weddings like this.

*Photography by Ashley Maxwell