Thursday, March 18, 2010

Wink {Freebie Alert}

Today on Freebies 4 Mom I saw she posted about a sister website to Shutterfly called Wink. I decided to look into it further and all of a sudden a bunch of wedding ideas came to mind!

Basically Wink is a super simple website. For $2.50 (including shipping) you get to make a photostrip carrying 3-5 pictures on one side and on the other side you can type of a message to be included. Wink has a free iPhone app and of course you can use your computer.

You upload the pix from your phone, computer, Facebook, etc. So let's say you just were at a wedding and had the time of your life. You snapped a few pix on your iPhone and at the end of the night you could upload them into a photostrip, write a message on the back telling the new Mr. and Mrs. it was the time of your life and it would be in their mailbox in a couple of days. How fun!

Here is a way you can get one for COMPLETELY free to check out the service...

1. Click on "Special Offers" at the top right of Shutterfly's home page

2. Look for "Free Photostrip" to click on

3. Click on the "Try Wink" orange button at the bottom of the page

4. Login using your Shutterfly email/password, as soon as you do you get 1 free photostrip credit

5. Choose your template - 3, 4, or 5 photos (I chose 3 above)

6. Choose your photos - from Shutterfly, Flickr, Facebook, or your computer

7. Choose your effect - black & white, sepia, or vivid (I chose vivid above)

8. Click the blue "Send" button in the bottom right

9. You can "Add Recipient" and enter the mailing address (even from your Shutterfly address book)

10. Add your personal message (up to 140 characters)

11. Send your photo strip to yourself or someone else, your total cost is $0.00 (no coupon code required, for new Wink users only, shipping is free)

Here is mine that I made and sent to Mr. Mojito of our precious little Dakota pup...

So I thought of a few ways these can come in SO handy...

(1) Save the Dates - at $2.50 a pop if you aren't having a HUGE wedding or are only doing STD's to your OOT guests then this could be perfect. Use a few pix from your e-pic session then type your STD information on the back.

(2) Thank You Notes - You can use it for thank yous to your bridal party, for gifts, family, whatever.

(3) Asking your BMs - This was my favorite idea. You choose a few pix of you and your friend and then write them a sweet message asking them to be in your bridal party. Plus this gets shipped to their house as part of the fee. Postage is practically $.50 and you pay more then $2 for a card... so I think it's a pretty good deal! Plus something cute they can hang up somewhere at work or on a fridge.

(4) Vendor TYs - If I was a photographer or something I would make a photostrip with three of their teaser shots from their wedding and send it right after so they get that in the mail. Thank them for choosing you and they already have a couple pix right there on a strip to enjoy while they wait patiently for hundreds of pictures from you... that nice touch might buy you extra time. :)

Anyways, just thought this was a fun little thing that you could get creative with... let me know if you use your freebie and how you used it!

*Wink and/or Shutterfly is not giving me anything for writing this post.

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