Friday, March 19, 2010

What's His is Mine...

...and what's mine is mine.
Okay, in all seriousness I do know how to share. So what's mine is also Mr. Mojito's I guess. If you've followed me on Twitter for a while you've heard my saga of trying to find a job and more importantly of when Mr. Mojito was looking for a job. While we were in Texas for his sisters wedding back in December he got the call from University of Phoenix offering him a position... something that was actually putting his degree to use and something that was actually his "dream" career. Realizing we were getting married in only a few months after his first paycheck in mid-January we figured let's just merge bank accounts now and get his paychecks set up in my account, etc. That way we don't have to do the same work twice. To me this was awesome, Mr. Mojito makes a lot more money then I do which means a lot more money in my account that I don't usually see. Ahhhh, my first perk to being married... well even though I am not married yet. It's been nice though, I've been able to get all of the things we need. Just pay bills without asking him for some money to help, and my favorite... never figuring out who is paying for what! Now one of us just brings out a card and pays for it. Period. I love that. I think Mr. Mojito also likes me asking him for his card in public... makes him feel like a "man" haha :) Man I love that boy, err, I mean man. :) When I told people we were merging our bank accounts they had such a crazy look on our face, something that was such a huge deal (which it is), but to us it's been GREAT... and haven't had ONE argument about money since we did it. A lot of people still have their seperate accounts even after they are married... that just wasn't something we needed to do. Honestly Mr. Mojito's only concern with all of this was "How am I supposed to surprise you when I want to buy you something nice?" Which is true, there aren't many secrets when you share an account... I happened to go online to pay some bills about an hour after he ordered me flowers. Wasn't as much of a surprise but I still loved my flowers!
What is something that you and your fiance find to be a big step? For those of you ladies that are already married, what was the biggest adjustment for you both? This might have been a big deal for Mr. Mojito (if it is he hasn't shared it) but to me it's been nothing but making my life a lot easier.


Stephanie said...

That's great that it has been wonderful!!! We merged accounts when we moved in, but to me, it's the hardest part!!!!!!

I guess I just don't get the need to buy guns, VIDEO GAMES, lawn mowers, TRUCK PARTS, etc....I'm sure you get the drift. We both make pretty much the same, and couldn't possibly do it any other way. Our spending habits are just a little different :)

megan marie said...

we merged bank accounts 3 years into our relationship (which was a year before we got married, and a year after we moved in together) and it was one of the best things we ever did. We never ever ever fight about money anymore!