Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Late Night Sweet Buffet

I caved.

I said I wanted a candy buffet then decided it was going to cost to much and nixed it.

Then I got another idea.

Thanks a lot OMG! I'm a Mom!
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I'm doing a cookie buffet. I am planning on having 5-7 cookies... depending on how many donations I can get. I'm saving money by having all of the apothecary jars donated to me by my fabulous wedding coordinator Katy Carrier so that is zero dollars I have to spend on making it look fabulous. Since the dinner and the dancing is on two separate floors. Once dinner is over and everyone heads upstairs for dancing I will probably have the cookie table set up so that when the yacht docks and everyone is getting ready to leave they can stop at the cookie bar. But then another part of me thinks TRAFFIC ZONE... do we really want to try and have 175 people trying to grab a couple of cookies on the way out? Which makes me wonder if we should just have it set up the whole night? Def. something to talk to my coordinator about.

I will make some type of sign that will have "Grab a late night snack" or something. Another great piece of information I found out is apparently Smart & Final has like a pack of 200 take-out boxes for $12! I bet many of brides don't know that, that's a steal on Chinese take-out boxes! I see what they try to make you pay on wedding favor websites and it's redic.... so I'm def. excited to hear about that deal! I plan on putting little signs on sticks that will just stick out of the jars rather then doing ribbon wrapped around the jars with signs. I'm going for something like this:

I was so frustrated I couldn't find a pic on what I want to do but that gives you an idea... I will just put a stick in there to say what it is rather then on the jar.

Here are the cookies we will be using... a couple of my store bought faves and some homemade:

- Oreos
- Circus Animal Cookies
- E.L.Fudge
- Homemade Chocolate Chip (Gus' mom makes THE BESSST)
- 2 others homemade chose by my friend Gus' mom.

So I'm think it will probably be 5 or 6.. what's cookies without milk? So I plan on getting a cute tub and havin' some milk cartons on ice for people to grab with their cookies on the way out. I know there are plenty of people who aren't fans of milk so I probably won't buy any more then 100.

I just need to check prices on those though because if they are too pricey I will just forgo on the milk idea. They don't sell them at Costco or Sam's Club but I heard that they do at Smart & Final so I will check out their prices there. I also have a ton of friends in the Dairy business so I will check if they have a hookup for me.

All in all I don't think this project will cost me too much money and I think it will be ANOTHER special touch that will make people remember my wedding forever.


dognbird said...

I adore the idea of a cookie buffet with little milk cartons - LOVE!

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Stephanie said...

LOVE it!! I want to come and I wish I'd thought of that idea! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Jen said...

I LOVE a cookie buffet! Can I come??

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Morgan said...

Great idea! So much more cost effective than a candy buffet, but with still the same 'wow' factor for your guests. Love it!

~*~ Melissa ~*~ said...

What a great idea! My friend did a similar Chocolate bar and it turned out great!