Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Final Fling Before the Ring: A Slumber Party [2 of 6]

When they finally gave BM-Ash and I the call that we could come up I walked into a fun and cheerful room decorated all over the place... They made "emergency bags" for all of the girls that were attending that night and would be including all sorts of goodies as well as their t*shirt for our outing Saturday night. Mine was the box that was filled with all of the same stuff and more... including things for me to wear throughout the weekend like my bachelorette sash, bride-to-be flashing button, and Minnie Mouse Wedding Ears that said Mrs. Mojito on the back.


I was laughing so hard when I saw this game of "Smooch the Stud", it was a nice way to get my look at Mr. Mojito all weekend! :)


They even made cute candy jars that were all over and bags so that girls could hit up the candy buffet and take home candy. They even got me some cute flowers to take home. :)


While we waited for some of the girls to get there we didn't hesitate to get the party started. Kristen started making some fresh mango margaritas while we chatted it up and started mowing through some 7 layer dip! Yummm...


Around 7:00 some of the other girls started showing up and they made Chicken Fajitas, beans, and rice to accompany those margaritas. There was nine of us there and we just were chatting it up like we always do.


In my box there was also my cute little party cup for the slumber party my friend Kristen made, she's just so creative! :) Another thing they made was a slideshow to play while we ate that just had a ton of pictures of me and all of the girls over the years. It was so sweet!


After we were done eating my friend Devon (who started make-up a little over a year ago) started doing some make-up trials on us all. That will be in my next post... while we were all taking turns doing that we watched "My Best Friends Wedding" and "Bride Wars".

People started fading fast around 1:00 am and a couple passed out... some others decided to relive a little bit of our high school days...


Anyone ever have their bras or chonies frozen? Yah, well that happened rather often with my group of girls in high school so I guess this slumber party at the age of 25 was no acception. I wish I could share some more pix from later on when we made my friend put them on when she discovered them but I will have to resist for sake of privacy! :)

Up next you get to look at my make-up trial! It was fun to be able to get one of my trials done during my bachelorette party with all my girls there. Let's just say when you have been drinking a lot Dev did not have fun trying to not make me look so red and I was laughing... a lot. Sorry Dev! I promise to be better on the wedding day.


Em said...

SO FUN! Your girls sound seriously awesome. Ps, I don't want to steal your thunder, but I'm finally getting around to writing my bachelorette recaps. Our followers will get to share in lots of bridal drunkenness this week! Can't wait to read and see more of your weekend!

Nicole-Lynn said...

Sounds like you had a great time with your friends!