Monday, March 8, 2010

Final Fling Before the Ring: The Party [6 of 6]

Gosh, going out to the local beach bars was such a fun way to celebrate going out with my girls... before I met Mr. Mojito I was a frequenter to many local bars in Orange County and spent most of my weekends with girlfriends so it had been a while since a bunch of us had just gone and let loose. It was a BLAST. I just can't say it enough... I seriously was so overwhelmed the whole night just because I feel so lucky to have so many bitchin' women in my life.

First stop of the night was Sharkeez in Newport Beach... after some serious pre-partying back at our hotel room we were already in full party mode when we go there.

Here is Liset... this girl KNOWS HOW TO PARTY... and we did. Many nights a week. I am such an old lady now, I don't know how I used to go out during the week being a full time student and working. I can't make it past 10 anymore...

Here is me again with Liset and also my friend Amanda who I met through Liset... she is the sweetest girl ever, I love her.... she's my reality star friend which I always seem to talk about (I'm sure she loves that) haha... she was on the show "More to Love" which was on Fox late last year.

There was also an 80s birthday party going on... dear readers... meet Tom Seleck...

This is probably one of my oldest friends that was there that weekend... we pretty much grew up together as neighbors and met playing softball when we were 10. We've been good friends ever since. She's actually the girl I got ordained for and married back in 2007. She still calls me "Rev."

Here I am again with Bre, Holly, Jen, and my cousin Lauren. I guess my cousin Lauren is actually my oldest friend seeing that I've known her my whole life. We've always been close and I'm so excited we are getting married together and have been able to do the whole planning process together... she's getting marred in October.

The fishbowls. Ohhhh man the fishbowls. For some reason we decided to forget the shots and drinks and ordered a few fish bowls instead. Good decision.

Bad decision? Pouring our mini bottles of Vodka that we had in our pockets in it as well. We had a couple that were just in all the girls favor bags so everyone brought them along... well when we left the bar the bouncers saw the little bottles and completely black balled us. He was being an ass to all of my friends and even said "Next time you girls want to go out for a bachelorette party and are that broke to buy liquor tell us, we'll buy you a beer." -- it made me mad because we spent a LOT of money there... the girls were drinking the whole night we just spiked our drinks with a little extra punch not thinking anything of it. This bouncer was so pissed he called all of the other bars and told them about us... so when we left we got turned away. Yeah, it sucks that the bars are all owned by the same people.

So luckily the bouncer at another bar was cool enough that said if we turn our shirts inside out or take them off (lammmme) then he will let us in and if someone says something he will say he had no idea it was us. Whatever cool. But then the girl at the front wanted to charge us $10 each. By this time it's already 12:30 so last call is in a freakin' hour and you want us to give you $150 for a bachelorette party to come in? I don't think so. Bouncer was now mad that he was cool with us and then we ended up boning out. Whatever. We ended up at a local pub dive that we have been to before... had a brewski, and then catched a cab back to the hotel.

After all those drinks, I do NOT remember this pic with my MOH-KC... apparently we be gettin' low.

Of course we had to have a group shot, I think we had almost everyone in this pic... the guy in the white tight tshirt in the bottom right would NOT leave our group alone the whole night. He's in like every freakin' picture of mine. Have no idea of his name... we just called him "Nips" the whole night because the full was cuttin' glass like nobody's business.

The next morning most of us woke up feeling decently hangover free. I wasn't feeling too hot, but after a nice hot shower, some coffee and an English muffin I was ready to pack up and head out!

Seriously I can't continue to say enough how grateful I am for everything that was done for me that weekend. I love my girls so so much and I'm so blessed to have each of them in my life.

If any of you girls are reading this I love you tons and thanks for the time of my life!


Em said...

For real, if I'm ever out in the California/OC area (which is a strong possibility bc my brother goes to school in LA), we're going out. You and your girls look like you had so much fun!! Bachelorette parties are the best, huh??

Alicia said...

Looks like you had an awesome time!!! :)