Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Final Fling Before the Ring: A Make-up Trial [3 of 6]

Ok so first of all, I love you all... and that's why you will get to see my "before" shot. But my dear BMs don't love you as much, and I'm sure they would crucify me if I posted their "before" shots. Can I just say theirs were HILARIOUS and they were being extra dramatic just like they are in infomercials for weight loss commercials... you know what I'm talking about. When people look sad and uncomfortable then fabulous in their "after" pix? Well here we go... I smiled and wanted to look somewhat normal for ya'll...








So here we go. I love just about everything about it. I had two things that I want changed for the wedding day. I don't like the light shadow the goes around the inside edge and below my eye. And I also think the black liner is too thick... I just usually only wear liner inside and so it just seemed a little too "not me" for me to get used to. Because my make-up artist is a personal friend, I will be going over to her house one day just to do it again to perfect what I want. All in all, I'm happy with her work and will be enjoying this free friendor for my wedding day.

This was also my first time being airbrushed for my foundation, blush, etc. -- I loved it! My face felt light and smooth, it was great!

Next I will show you just two of my BMs that I happened to get pix of.

BM-LA: Unfortunately there was an awkward glare on her eyes that I didn't notice on the camera, but you get somewhat of an idea...


BM-Ash: I loved her make-up, I thought the colors Dev used on her were great and it turned out great, honestly it looked 10 xs better in person even. We really liked it!


So that was how my first make-up trial went. Anything you like / don't like or would suggest? Please ladies don't be shy... hit me with your HONEST opinions on my make-up so I can bring it to Dev next time she does my trial!

Up next from the bachelorette party... Brunch & Bonding with my ladies!


Ashley @ Bride on a Budget said...

I love everyone's make-up. Gorgeous!

Em said...

You look gorgeous!! Your friend did a really wonderful job. Since you asked, I would have to say that the only thing I would add is a bit more color to your cheeks. Other than that I think you look really fab!

And you have got some mighty pretty friends there, girl!!

Kelley at My Island Wedding said...

Oh I just came across your blog! Where's my mojito??? ha!

I love all your make up (but you might be right with the "light" shadow, especially if its got frost or glitter... not so great for photographs, but re-consider your eyeliner! You really might be surprised how you like that in the photos!)

Best of luck!

Dev The Makeup Artist said...

oooh yay! I was waiting for this post! hehehe

Good comments, I love feedback. I really want it to be perfecto on the big day!

Good times! I look forward to trial number 2 for perfection...and to get the MOHs :-)

love you!

Anonymous said...

I think your makeup looks great! I would keep the thick eyeliner if I were you, it looks awesome and really makes your eyes stand out.I like the eyeshadow on the inside corner but not underneath. Maybe you can do just a highligher unstead of actual shadow that matches what is on your lid in the corner.

Pug(s) and Bugg said...

omg everyone looks so good! You are so pretty mojitooo!

So I would reconsider losing the eyeliner thickness. Yes, closed eyes it looks like a lot, but it just adds definition and drama in photos... you won't see "eyeliner" you'll see defined, bright eyes. I am going to have my MUO do it thicker for mine!


KDC Events said...

I just stumbled upon your blog and I love it! I love how you are documenting your wedding journey! It's fabulous!! Love the eyelashes...great touch! Keep up the great work =)

Katie said...

Sooo pretty! I agree though...little less liner! I never wear it either, I hear you ;)