Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ceremony Extras: Communion [Part 3 of 3]

To set the mood for this moment in our wedding play the tune that will be playing during this time in our ceremony... everyone needs a sexy Aussie in their day.

So before the Sand Ceremony takes place we will actually take part in Communion. My pastor said he doesn't like it to be something that's big in front of everyone but something we just do with eachother in our own little intimate moment.

While we do communion with each other we will have our mothers go up to the sand ceremony table to start it off uniting both of our families. By the time they are done with that Mr. Mojito and I will be finishing our communion and will then go to the sand ceremony table where we will conclude pouring the remainder of the sand in together.

So that is all of the extra touches we are adding into our ceremony -- readings, sand ceremony, and communion. I'm excited that I didn't have to sacrifice anything that myself (sand ceremony) or Mr. Mojito (communion) wanted for our ceremony and we are still able to keep it at a decent time of hopefully 20-25 minutes.

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