Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Shower #3: Co-Wed Shower with Mr. Mojitos Fam

Just saw this was chillin' in my drafts and I realized I never wrote a post for this! So yeah, two weekends ago it was an AMAZING weekend weatherwise in So Cal... it was in the low 80s, crystal blue skies, almost got a little too hot when you stood in the sun too long... but honestly, I would do ANYTHING to have that weather for my wedding in a couple of weeks (yah that's right people, a couple of weeks - holy crap!)

So Mr. Mojito's mom and sister told us right when we got engaged that they wanted to throw a shower for us. Since it would be Mr. Mojito's friends and family we instantly decided we would go with a "Co-Wed Cocktail" theme... mostly because you make it a foofoo Bridal shower no men are going to be easily dragged into this.

Mr. Mojijto's mom, dad, and sister went ALL OUT. The food was frickin' amazing let me tell you... FFIL Mojito is a bomb ass cook and he made all of the food. Just realized I went straight for a pic of the booze rather then the food...

There was sushi, coconut shrimp, chicken terriaki kabobs, cocktail weenies, cheese and crackers, fruit, and my person favorite... FMIL Mojito's famous Crab Cake Appetizer Bites... OMG OMG OMG. I could eat them hot, cold, whatever... they never get old. For drinks they had different wines, champagne and soda as well as spa water, mojitos (of course!), and mai tais!

After lots of eating and drinking we decided it was time to open up gifts. Because Mr. Mojito's sister wanted to have at least one game she did gift bingo where everyone had a bingo card and they marked it off if I opened a specific gift... surprisingly I think the guys were into it more then the girls. That was the only game we did bc they knew guys weren't into the shower game thing which was perfect to me.

I have no idea what was so funny. We have funny guests I guess. I don't remember anything funny happening about that picture... although we did already get it like two presents before opening it. Whoops, thanks Target. When I went online to check too it said "Requested: 1, Received: 2" -- TARGET FAIL.

Other then that we just took some pictures with some of our bridal party that was able to make it to the shower (shoutout to GM-Matt and BM-Lauren who came from AZ!)

Pretty sure Brad is making fun of me for ALWAYS putting my hand on my hip in pictures...

MOH-KC made the boys pose...

Last Thursday my office through me a work shower and we got some more lovely things off of our registries. That was four showers, whew... glad those are over!

Tomorrow I have off work for good 'ol Cesar Chavez Day (pretty sure TONS of you don't get that holiday right?) so Mama Mojito and I are heading down to Newport to meet up at the yacht with our coordinator and all of our vendors to just basically finalize everything. I think tomorrow will do one of two things...

1) Stress me out even more.

2) Make me feel accomplished and at ease.

Let's hope for the latter. It's almost hump day ladies... enjoy your week!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dress Fitting Numero Dos

Hellllllloooo ladies... S.H.I.T. -- SO HAPPY IT'S THURSDAY! :) That's what we say here at work when we have off on Fridays!

So after a dentist appointment yesterday afternoon I headed on over to my dress alterations lady to see what she had done so far. It was so fun to actually see my dress FIT me... not too big, not too small. Of course I was an idiot though and totally forgot my undergarments... she also didn't do me SUPER tight in the corset, just enough to get an idea on how it all fits and stuff. Seriously though, what a difference in my dress!

Besides just checking out the alterations she made to my chest, height, and sides she also sewed in some of my fuschia tool underneath with the other tool. It wasn't what I was expecting but for good reason. I wanted layers and layers to make it super fun and dramatic... but she couldn't for a reason I NEVER thought of. She did as much tool as she could without seeing the fuschia through the dress!

I think it's still just a perfect touch though and although it's not a ton of fun fuschia fluffiness I'm still happy with the little bit of I'll get to show off for a few pix!

She also has my veil that she made me all done she just wanted to check the length, she's going to cut off about 5 more inches and then add all of the rhinestone details.

I'm going to go back next week just to do the final fitting (she has to close up all the seams, etc.) and if everything is good she said she would have it pressed and ready to go for me to pick up the week of the wedding. She was going to give it to me but when I explained that I have a big shedding black dog and it won't be able to go back in the back bc it will get wrinkled she offered to hold onto it for me. So let's just hope my fabulous Fiona doesn't decide to disappear on me in the next two weeks and we'll be good to go!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Late Night Sweet Buffet

I caved.

I said I wanted a candy buffet then decided it was going to cost to much and nixed it.

Then I got another idea.

Thanks a lot OMG! I'm a Mom!
{Which FYI if you don't follow her do it NOW, she's hilarious and you won't regret it. She is Mrs. Dumpling on Weddingbee and has a HILARIOUS baby blog now}

I'm doing a cookie buffet. I am planning on having 5-7 cookies... depending on how many donations I can get. I'm saving money by having all of the apothecary jars donated to me by my fabulous wedding coordinator Katy Carrier so that is zero dollars I have to spend on making it look fabulous. Since the dinner and the dancing is on two separate floors. Once dinner is over and everyone heads upstairs for dancing I will probably have the cookie table set up so that when the yacht docks and everyone is getting ready to leave they can stop at the cookie bar. But then another part of me thinks TRAFFIC ZONE... do we really want to try and have 175 people trying to grab a couple of cookies on the way out? Which makes me wonder if we should just have it set up the whole night? Def. something to talk to my coordinator about.

I will make some type of sign that will have "Grab a late night snack" or something. Another great piece of information I found out is apparently Smart & Final has like a pack of 200 take-out boxes for $12! I bet many of brides don't know that, that's a steal on Chinese take-out boxes! I see what they try to make you pay on wedding favor websites and it's redic.... so I'm def. excited to hear about that deal! I plan on putting little signs on sticks that will just stick out of the jars rather then doing ribbon wrapped around the jars with signs. I'm going for something like this:

I was so frustrated I couldn't find a pic on what I want to do but that gives you an idea... I will just put a stick in there to say what it is rather then on the jar.

Here are the cookies we will be using... a couple of my store bought faves and some homemade:

- Oreos
- Circus Animal Cookies
- E.L.Fudge
- Homemade Chocolate Chip (Gus' mom makes THE BESSST)
- 2 others homemade chose by my friend Gus' mom.

So I'm think it will probably be 5 or 6.. what's cookies without milk? So I plan on getting a cute tub and havin' some milk cartons on ice for people to grab with their cookies on the way out. I know there are plenty of people who aren't fans of milk so I probably won't buy any more then 100.

I just need to check prices on those though because if they are too pricey I will just forgo on the milk idea. They don't sell them at Costco or Sam's Club but I heard that they do at Smart & Final so I will check out their prices there. I also have a ton of friends in the Dairy business so I will check if they have a hookup for me.

All in all I don't think this project will cost me too much money and I think it will be ANOTHER special touch that will make people remember my wedding forever.

Friday, March 19, 2010

What's His is Mine...

...and what's mine is mine.
Okay, in all seriousness I do know how to share. So what's mine is also Mr. Mojito's I guess. If you've followed me on Twitter for a while you've heard my saga of trying to find a job and more importantly of when Mr. Mojito was looking for a job. While we were in Texas for his sisters wedding back in December he got the call from University of Phoenix offering him a position... something that was actually putting his degree to use and something that was actually his "dream" career. Realizing we were getting married in only a few months after his first paycheck in mid-January we figured let's just merge bank accounts now and get his paychecks set up in my account, etc. That way we don't have to do the same work twice. To me this was awesome, Mr. Mojito makes a lot more money then I do which means a lot more money in my account that I don't usually see. Ahhhh, my first perk to being married... well even though I am not married yet. It's been nice though, I've been able to get all of the things we need. Just pay bills without asking him for some money to help, and my favorite... never figuring out who is paying for what! Now one of us just brings out a card and pays for it. Period. I love that. I think Mr. Mojito also likes me asking him for his card in public... makes him feel like a "man" haha :) Man I love that boy, err, I mean man. :) When I told people we were merging our bank accounts they had such a crazy look on our face, something that was such a huge deal (which it is), but to us it's been GREAT... and haven't had ONE argument about money since we did it. A lot of people still have their seperate accounts even after they are married... that just wasn't something we needed to do. Honestly Mr. Mojito's only concern with all of this was "How am I supposed to surprise you when I want to buy you something nice?" Which is true, there aren't many secrets when you share an account... I happened to go online to pay some bills about an hour after he ordered me flowers. Wasn't as much of a surprise but I still loved my flowers!
What is something that you and your fiance find to be a big step? For those of you ladies that are already married, what was the biggest adjustment for you both? This might have been a big deal for Mr. Mojito (if it is he hasn't shared it) but to me it's been nothing but making my life a lot easier.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Wink {Freebie Alert}

Today on Freebies 4 Mom I saw she posted about a sister website to Shutterfly called Wink. I decided to look into it further and all of a sudden a bunch of wedding ideas came to mind!

Basically Wink is a super simple website. For $2.50 (including shipping) you get to make a photostrip carrying 3-5 pictures on one side and on the other side you can type of a message to be included. Wink has a free iPhone app and of course you can use your computer.

You upload the pix from your phone, computer, Facebook, etc. So let's say you just were at a wedding and had the time of your life. You snapped a few pix on your iPhone and at the end of the night you could upload them into a photostrip, write a message on the back telling the new Mr. and Mrs. it was the time of your life and it would be in their mailbox in a couple of days. How fun!

Here is a way you can get one for COMPLETELY free to check out the service...

1. Click on "Special Offers" at the top right of Shutterfly's home page

2. Look for "Free Photostrip" to click on

3. Click on the "Try Wink" orange button at the bottom of the page

4. Login using your Shutterfly email/password, as soon as you do you get 1 free photostrip credit

5. Choose your template - 3, 4, or 5 photos (I chose 3 above)

6. Choose your photos - from Shutterfly, Flickr, Facebook, or your computer

7. Choose your effect - black & white, sepia, or vivid (I chose vivid above)

8. Click the blue "Send" button in the bottom right

9. You can "Add Recipient" and enter the mailing address (even from your Shutterfly address book)

10. Add your personal message (up to 140 characters)

11. Send your photo strip to yourself or someone else, your total cost is $0.00 (no coupon code required, for new Wink users only, shipping is free)

Here is mine that I made and sent to Mr. Mojito of our precious little Dakota pup...

So I thought of a few ways these can come in SO handy...

(1) Save the Dates - at $2.50 a pop if you aren't having a HUGE wedding or are only doing STD's to your OOT guests then this could be perfect. Use a few pix from your e-pic session then type your STD information on the back.

(2) Thank You Notes - You can use it for thank yous to your bridal party, for gifts, family, whatever.

(3) Asking your BMs - This was my favorite idea. You choose a few pix of you and your friend and then write them a sweet message asking them to be in your bridal party. Plus this gets shipped to their house as part of the fee. Postage is practically $.50 and you pay more then $2 for a card... so I think it's a pretty good deal! Plus something cute they can hang up somewhere at work or on a fridge.

(4) Vendor TYs - If I was a photographer or something I would make a photostrip with three of their teaser shots from their wedding and send it right after so they get that in the mail. Thank them for choosing you and they already have a couple pix right there on a strip to enjoy while they wait patiently for hundreds of pictures from you... that nice touch might buy you extra time. :)

Anyways, just thought this was a fun little thing that you could get creative with... let me know if you use your freebie and how you used it!

*Wink and/or Shutterfly is not giving me anything for writing this post.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Blog Farts

Ok seriously, I don't know what it is... I just have been in NO mood to blog the past week. Maybe it's been the lack of readers & comments or what... but I just haven't had a desire. Could be going through one of my blog fart moments. But yeah... just went through a list of my draft blog write-ups that I've been meaning to do but none have left me dying to share with you. I am determined to write something today... just wanted to let you know I haven't disappeared.

I went to do some registry organizing this morning and was extremely disappointed to see that my Kitchenaid Mixer, Hand Mixer, and possibly even the blender -- all in the matching Martha Blue... have been discontinued.

Effity-effff! My wedding is in freakin 33 days, could we not wait another month to discontinue the one thing that I based my entire kitchen around. I wanted that beautiful robin egg blue mixer! I hope I can find a Macy's that just happens to have one on their pretty little shelfs or so help me Macy's, you're going down.

Yeah and did you hear that? 33 days. Frick! Soooo much to do, and didn't do any of it this weekend. Today is also the last day to RSVP. Of course there are some we haven't received yet, I'm expecting a swarm possibly today or tomororw. But honestly, I'm really happy with what we've received so far. We only have about 12 people not coming so far, and have probably received about 75% of the RSVPs thus far. So I'm thinking we're doin' pretty well and will be having around 175 people.

Anyways... time for my lunch break and at the moment a delicious lunch with a friend is sounding better then sitting here in the office so like I said I promise to try and get a post in sometime this afternoon guys.

Hope you have all been doing great. How's the wedding planning coming along... ahead or behind? I know Kelly (the OG Miss Pugs) was on full blown wedding mode this weeekend! Congrats Kell... only a few more days until the big day!!!! :)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Giveaway Winner!!!!

The winner of the giveaway for...

...is LegalyBoston!!

Contact me by Monday at withthisringitheeblog@gmail.com with your name, shipping address, and email so csnstores.com can get this out to you!

Thank you to all who participated!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ceremony Extras: Communion [Part 3 of 3]

To set the mood for this moment in our wedding play the tune that will be playing during this time in our ceremony... everyone needs a sexy Aussie in their day.

So before the Sand Ceremony takes place we will actually take part in Communion. My pastor said he doesn't like it to be something that's big in front of everyone but something we just do with eachother in our own little intimate moment.

While we do communion with each other we will have our mothers go up to the sand ceremony table to start it off uniting both of our families. By the time they are done with that Mr. Mojito and I will be finishing our communion and will then go to the sand ceremony table where we will conclude pouring the remainder of the sand in together.

So that is all of the extra touches we are adding into our ceremony -- readings, sand ceremony, and communion. I'm excited that I didn't have to sacrifice anything that myself (sand ceremony) or Mr. Mojito (communion) wanted for our ceremony and we are still able to keep it at a decent time of hopefully 20-25 minutes.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Did ya'll not see that I was hosting a giveaway?! Not getting near the response I'm used to! If you haven't yet, go on over and sign up to win your Pyrex cooking set!
Contest closes this Thursday!!

Thrift Store's Can Give You STD's.

Well, they might be able to give you those kind of STD's too, but that's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about this GREAT engagement shoot that a couple did underwater for their Save the Date's. I found this shoot over at Green Wedding Shoes and I just had to share... the couple picked up an old tux/suit and wedding dress at a thrift store and this is what the ended up with... I love it!

Do you not love these accordian STDs? Just another inspiration post I had to share!

Shower #2: Friends & Family

Are you guys soooo sick of recaps from me yet? Well if so I'd kick rocks... because I'm pretty much going to have a lot of recaps from here on out. The projects are coming to a close (although I still have lots to share, so don't totally leave!) and I'm not really on the hunt for as much inspiration... although I think wedding inspiration is now stalking me. So yeah, I'm at 39 days and I don't think I can manage putting much more on my plate. Especially since my weekends have been filled with things like this post... SHOWERS!

My second shower was this past Saturday and it was great! A couple of my Aunt's organized the whole thing and it was held at my old roomie's clubhouse at her apartment complex. It was the perfect place for a shower!

Once 1:00 hit it was time to hit the grub, everyone was chompin' at the bit. It was catered by Old World Deli which is a little local restaurant I grew up with -- they have some grub sammies & pastas let me tell you. My aunt has known the owner forever I guess so that's why they went with them, good choice!

Once everyone got some beverages in their system it was time for the games... we played a few games and everyone seemed to have a good time with it. The first one was a wedding word scramble, pretty straight forward. The second one my cousin planned... she was gifting us a spice rack and covered up all of the spice names and numbered them... everyone had to guess what all of the spices where. Uhm, they all looked the same. I got like 3 right. Future housewife fail. The other game that was played was the one that goes on the whole party and is done at many showers... it's hilarious how competitive people get. That's when everyone wears a necklace and you can't say the word "wedding" -- I was on a roll and had radar ears and was catching everyone. Someone got me to say wedding though while I was pre-occupied with gift opening, damn. Last but not least was my favorite...

You put a piece of paper on your head and have to draw a bride. I did it once when you had to draw a baby at a baby shower once. Totally hilarious to watch, even funnier to look at the results. Everyone wrote their name on the back and my aunt collected them all. I then went through them all and picked a winner. So funny and I have them all to put in one of my many books to hold onto the memories.

Once we were done with the games it was time for gift opening, there was so much great stuff at this shower! I'm sure going to be all set in my kitchen by the time this wedding is over! I won't bore you with tons of gift opening pix but here is me crying at my shower... pretty typical. Mom gave me some great sentimental things from items that were my grandmas when she got married and also something that was given to me the day I was born.

I will mention two gifts though... one was my new wine cooler! I've been wanting one FOREVER!

And of course my extremely creative Mama Mojito who made me a towel wedding cake that was filled with all of the cooking utensils we wanted! She couldn't fit them all so I also got a bag on the side filled with the rest of the stuff we needed... after all this I'm set! I have more rubber spatulas, cooking spatulas, and whisks then I'll EVER know what to do with.

Once gifts were over it was time to just mingle around, eat cake, and take some pictures with my family and friends...

This is my cousin Ella, if I was going to have a flower girl this little ham would have been it!

This is my friend Linds, she is my work lunch buddy (we pretty much meet every day since we work a mile from eachother) and we were hired together at In-N-Out when we were 16... she's getting married in two weeks!

Mama Mojito and Future Mojito-Mama-in-Law...

My bff from college and old roomie Gus. She is the one doing our reading of "I Like You"...

Here we have my fabulous MOHs and our moms... plus MOH-Lu's sister was there too!

My oldest friend Breann...
Of course the shot with my MOHs... I love my ribbon bouquet! MOH-Lu is doing such a great job! :)
And of course we had to do a shot with all of the girls...