Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Where in the World Wednesdays: 2/3/10

Happy Hump day ladies. I actually am going to be doing just a short little post every Wednesday and it's NWR. It's called "Where in the World Wednesdays" where I will post a pic of me somewhere in the world...

So I will start this first one off at one of the best places I've EVER been...


It seriously was a spontaneous (I will explain) and amazing blessed experience that Mr. Mojito and I will NEVER forget.
We won the trip. Yup, Virgin Australia was promoting their new airplane that would be flying from LA to Brisbane, Australia and a local Los Angeles radio station (102.7 KiisFM) was giving away 48 trips in 48 hours for it's inaugural flight. Every hour there was a word you would have to text and just be texter 102. Mr. Mojito hates this radio station but when I told him what they were doing we listened to that radio station ALL day and while sitting in traffic on the way home from the beach that afternoon we were texter 102. Only conditions were we had to be 18, have a current passport, and be able to leave on Monday... it was Thursday.
It was tough because I had to explain to my work what an awesome opportunity this was and I couldn't miss it... even though I had just gotten back from a week vacation for going to Hawaii. But they [kinda] understood and next thing you know I was packing my bags for a 14 hour flight to Brisbane Australia.
The hotel was covered, the flight was covered. And let me tell you... Virgin is the way to go internationally! So much entertainment you can't get board... all the movies and TV shows you could think of.. video games... chat... a walk-up bar... we even had champagne toasts and shirts that said "Fly like a Rock Star" and had the Virgin Logo and on the back it said something about VIP and being on the inaugural flight to Brisbane.
Seriously it's gorgeous there and I can't wait to go back one day! My favorite was probably getting to hold Koalas, play with Kangaroos, and winning $300 at the casino right before we left for our flight back home! :) I hated the food, loved the people. But boy was it EXPENSIVE... we never spent less then like $60 or $70 on a meal probably!
Well that's just a little trip of a place Miss Mojito has gone in this world... where will I travel next Wednesday?


Ghenet said...

That's awesome that you won the trip! I'd love to go there someday...

Pug(s) and Bugg said...

Gahhh this is amazing! I would love to go to Australia. What kind of food was there???