Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Where in the World Wednesdays: 2/10/10

This Wednesday, I'm taking you to one of my FAVORITE places that I've been to dozens and dozens of times -- Vegas baby! I'm a frequenter and I crave it if I haven't been in too long (like right now). But this trip was different, this one was in mid-November 2008. We were 23 years old and Mr. Mojito and had NEVER been to Vegas...

WAH?! Who's never been to Vegas when you are 23 and live only about a 3 hour drive away?? So a trip was in order! Okay, actually he went once when he was 11, stayed at Circus, Circus and was there for his sister's cheer competition. Not exactly your dream Vegas trip eh?

So I planned an all-out trip. We stayed at Caesar's Palace and went during the annual Comedy Festival... the main headliner of the weekend was Jerry Seinfeld -- Mr. Mojito's FAVORITE and we saw a couple of other comediens as well. It was a great trip that I will never forget... we had great food, great laughs, and we won a lot of moo-lah! Mr. Mojito doesn't even remember the first night and he was passed out by 8:00 pm, yup 8:00 pm... we missed reservations for our delish steak dinner and never made it to his trip to the nightclub. We started making one of my faves - "Cactus Coolers" and while we waited for maintenence to come fix a light in the bathroom we already had downed the bottle of Citrus Vodka. He then decided to start drinking Jack & Cokes in the casino and before you knew it he was visiting the porcelein gods.

It was a crappy first night gambling alone after I tucked Mr. Mojito in bed.. what?! You didn't think I was gonna stay in did you?? Haha... but it was one of the greatest Vegas trips I will never forget... besides the mock bachelorette party of course! :)


Katy said...

I absolutely love your blog Laura! I follow it all the time! I am so glad I met you on because you have such great ideas for your wedding!! Can you believe we both will be getting married in almost less then 2 months!?! I was wondering when you were asking for your responses back for your wedding, our response due date is coming up and it seems like we still need a lot of responses back! What would you do if there were people not responding?? Also, when you move to SB, call me up, I live right down PCH in HB!! Keep blogging girl!!

Laura K [AKA Miss Mojito] said...

Aww thanks so much Katy! :) I'm glad you follow! I seriously can't believe our wedding is so close, I just saw your post on and forgot you were only like two weeks before me. We sent the invites out LAST Wednesday and our RSVP date is for March 15 (so about a month before our wedding). So far we have about 1/5 of the responses just in this week. After the RSVP date I will be dividing up who hasn't RSVPd, I will contact my friends, Brad will contact his friends, my mom our fam, and his mom for their fam. I definiatly would love to hang out! Send me an email and we can keep in touch since I don't always make it on very often!

Pug(s) and Bugg said...

I went to Vegas for the first time with my SHOW CHOIR. True story, we ate at the Star Trek place, LOL. First "official" trip was with Mr P!!! We plan to definitely go back soon :)