Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Weight Loss Struggles

Okay, I'm just throwing this on the table. Weight loss has been the biggest enemy in my life. I have fluctuated my entire life and I was always great (especially in high school) at going on a diet and sticking with it... for a while. I would drop 20 pounds like it was nobodys business and then it would just as easily come back. The past two years have been the hardest yet. Nothing motivates me.

There was one thing that I thought would be the biggest motivation of all. I told Mr. Mojito when we got engaged that this was the biggest motivator of all and I would want to drop a ton of weight. Well guess what, I'm two months out and in the past seven months I've gone down maybe 10-15 lbs... fluctuating constantly. I hate getting so down on myself but it's been extremely depressing. I've tried just watching what I eat, working out, pills, Weight Watchers, I've tried it all. Honestly, Weight Watchers is an INCREDIBLE program that I love and always have been successful on... when I stick with it.

This time I needed something different, something that didn't give me options. I'm going with something I'm dreading... NutriSystem. Mr. Mojito and I were at Costco this past weekend and they had 35 days worth of food (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, & Snack/Dessrt)... it was $235 for the month... that put it at less then $2 a day, so we both ordered it and put in our orders last night. We should receive our food in the next couple of days.

I'm petrified, I'm picky and think this food is going to be disgusting. But with two months until my wedding and honeymoon I'm desperate. So since I haven't shared much of my weight loss struggles with you before this I wanted to start sharing with you my experience as I begin this new journey... I know there are some other girls out there struggling with this same thing that read my blog so I want to be able to share it with some of you.

So bring it Marie Osmond, you and your giant Texas hair commercials.

Have you had a struggle that you just haven't been able to get through? What was your breaking point and how did you get through it? Of course you don't have to share, I just like to hear encouraging stories to get me motivated. :)


Eva said...

Hello Gorgeous.

I know, I know. I have been soooo silent on my blog. I've exchanged one habit (blogging) for two new ones (tanning and.....NUTRISYSTEM!).

That's right, Girl. Nutrisystem.

It's not bad. Some of the food is good, some is horrible, some is DELICIOUS.

Just stock up on fresh fruits and veggies - there are some veggies that you can eat all day long that "don't count" like in WW.

It's fantastic.

This past Thursday was my "1-week" and I lost eight pounds. EIGHT POUNDS!!! Serious. Shit.

Just stick to it. We can be buddies, if you want. :)

Aubrey said...

Good luck girl! I cut out beer, fast food and French fries as of the first of the year. Paired with exercise (mostly the 30 Day Shred) I've dropped a dress size. Weigh in is tomorrow. We'll see how I do.

Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

Um, I relate to this post SO, SO much. I have also struggled with weight. I was able to get skinny minny in High school and maintain it for a few years...Then in college, I gained a lot, but went up and down for years. I always thought my wedding would get me in gear! um, I was able to lose about 13 pounds for that, but gained it back. I have been up and down since wedding day (2 years, 9 months ago) and I have NO motivation now. NONE. I still work out, but the food part- ehh. I hate being the size I am and none of my clothes fit. I have been on WW on and off for 15 years! It works...as you said, when I follow it. I look forward to seeing how this works for you! I will cheer you on, and hope you get to your goal or close for your big day!!

Pug(s) and Bugg said...

I have the same struggles. Now that I have Mr P it's SUCH less motivation since I know he loves me as is. I have come to terms with the fact that I will be like normal for my wedding but we'll try to be healthier in years to come... always a struggle. Sigh.


Llama said...

Good luck sweetie...if you commit yourself to something you are to commit 100%. I find that I loose the most weight with exercise...do you have anything you like to do to workout?

thehickbride said...

Good luck with that! I've always been scared to try it, add a little bit cheap assed on that and you've got it. lol. I've been a big girl all my life and I feel your pain.

I also wanted to state that I think you're absolutely beautiful. It doesn't matter what you weigh you're beautiful and you have a fabulous personality (via blogging/twitter lol).

Good luck!!

Doug and Marissa said...

I totally can relate!! Since getting married (5 years ago next month) I have gained around 30lbs. I look at my wedding pics and just want to get back to that point!

I was lucky and only gained 25lbs during my pregnancy so I lost that fairly easy...but I was hoping a little extra would go with it but NOPE!!

I have for the past 2 weeks been going to the gym consistently (doing the Couch to 5K) and getting as much cardio as I can. I have adjusted my eating but nothing drastic because if I do, I wont stick with it. Baby steps...I will eventually work on my eating habits but I cant change everything overnight. I just take it one day at time and do my best. So far I am down 6 pounds...so something is going right. And I am not hating life! LOL

I found my motivation in having gestational diabetes during my pregnancy. Since I had it, I am susceptible to Type 2 later in life (and it runs in my family!) so I am doing all I can now to prevent it.

My best advice...take it one day at a time! I cant wait to see how NutriSystem goes for you. I would consider it to jump start things.

Brittany said...

Good luck girl! This post relates to me on so many levels!!! I'm excited to see how this works for you.
Also, the other day I posted about the pink napkins I got on clearance at Wal-mart after Val. day and you commented saying you would emboss them yourself. Tell me how!!!! I'm interested and I love DIY projects but I can't get any ideas. haha

Morgan said...

You can do it! I'm the same way, been up and down with my weight for years, but can never get to where I want to be. Please let us know how the nutrisystem goes! The commercials crack me up, but I have heard good things about it. I would really appreciate a real person's opinion of it though! Good luck!

sweetdoreen said...

Is it wrong that I only want to lose weight now that my sister in law is getting all skinny? I am so competitive I swear. Good Luck, I did nutrisystem after baby number 1 and it worked, but only because starving was more appealing for me then the food. LOL that was 7 years ago though so I am sure it has improved since the dehydrated mess that I endured. YOU INSPIRE ME, in a non competitive way, THANKS.