Monday, February 1, 2010

'Stach-ing Good Time!

So I promised you this post, errr... like a month ago when I made these I think. One very popular photobooth and wedding accessory these days is the 'stach on a stick. I personally love them and knew they had to be in my wedding. Unfortunately, the fabulous ones on Etsy come with a hefty price tag... I'm talkin' like $35 for one 'stach. Yes, one.

Honestly, these are fabulous. And nothing I can do will replicate those, but I figure I could do some that will still make a funny point and will still give me these fun props for my photobooth.

Here are the items I used and the price break down:

  • Chefmate Bamboo Skewers from Target. -- $.99 (I used twelve, came with like 50)
  • Card stock backing -- FREE (extra paper I had in my scrapbooking inventory)
  • Pack of 12 Mustaches purchased from Deal Extreme -- $2.61
  • Cylinder vase to hold them all (optional) -- FREE (had them already from a friend)

TOTAL: $3.60 for 12 mustaches, that's $.30 each.

Okay, clearly these aren't high quality at all but they are gonna do the job and I know people will have fun with them. 99% of the people at my wedding probably haven't even seen the fancy ones that are on Etsy so they won't judge. :)

Here is the simple way I did:

1) Pulled a mustache off of the sticker backing, not easy - those suckuhs were sticky!

2. Leave a bit of sticky on the mustache so the whole thing doesn't stick, but press the mustache on your paper backing. This will leave an edge of the mustache to not stick to the backing so you can accomplish the next step.

3. Grab your bamboo stick and place it between the cardstock and mustache. Then undo that sticky part and seal it around the stick to the cardstock. The mustaches are really THAT sticky that it holds extremely well. Seriously I put one of these mustaches on my face and it was like a free waxing taking them off.

4. Rock out with your 'stach out. I'm going to wrap the cylinder with a ribbon with a little sign on it as well saying "Stach on a Stick" that will be sitting with all of the other props for the photobooth. Here I am testing out one of my finish products...

Here is Dakota and her new 'stach on a stick as well...


Born to be Mrs. Beever said...

Nicely done...looks easy enough. I attempted to make some out of felt using a template I found online and HATED them! I ended up finding some on Etsy that were only $2.35 each...they are made from a different type of material so don't look quite like yours (which I think look a little more realistic), but I still love them and I didn't have to pull my hair out trying to do it myself - ECK! Congrats on the sweet inexpensive project!

Bee @ BP Wedding said...

You are so cute!! I love these moustaches. And they look so easy to make. I don't know yet if we can fit a photobooth into our budget, but if we can, I'm making these fosho!! :)

Sandy said...

Wow that doesn't look too bad at all! Those staches are an awesome prop for a photobooth! Thanks for sharing!

Genevieve said...

wow! Great job! Thanks for sharing. I might have to make my own too!

Pug(s) and Bugg said...

Ok we have no reason to have them (no real reception I mean come on) but I want these immediately anyway.


Lindsay said...

hahaha LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!