Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Shower #1: Middle-Aged Mahem

The closer I get to the wedding, I realize more and more how blessed I truly am. I had my first of three showers this weekend and I knew this was going to be the "smallest" of the three and it was nothing short of fantastic.

Side Note: Please be warned there is a LOT of pictures ahead! Also don't judget me too much, I had errands to run before and was going to get ready at my parents but when I got there the electricity had been out all morning. Isn't easy to do your hair/make-up without it. :)

When I arrived I was greeted with some adult punch... it was freakin good... It was Lemonade/Limeade, 7-up, Vodka, and Beer. Yes beer, couldn't tell and it was damnnnn good.

I actually sat alone for the first 15 minutes, kinda odd when it's your shower, but that's because the ladies were at work in the other room.

They all took a picture when they came in and then made a scrapbook page that all went into a book and was given to me. So sweet and cute, loved it!

After we all socialized for a while and all of us were there (about 14 of us), we sat around for some yummy food. My mom's friend (who threw me my shower) had her son make an enchilada casserole. I've had a couple in my life and I know my Mexican and this was the BEST THING EVER. Can't believe I didn't take any pix of the food.

The food I did get a pic of was these homemade red velvet cupcakes that were so moist and delicious, and I'm not going to lie... I had two.

Once we all ate it was time for presents, everyone always says it and it's true. I'm not one to be shy in the spotlight... but it's awkward when you are the ONLY one opening presents.

Lesson learned: Don't let one of the "non-gadget-friendly" ladies take pix of you opening presents, because well... I didn't get any really. They all turned out like this:

Both of my MOHs were busy, writing down my gifts and making my bouquet so I had to leave it to my mom's friend...

MOH-Lu is trying to get MOH-Kc to see how awesome her work was, she was so proud. MOH-Kc was more interested to see all of the cute things in my "Wedding Day Emergency Kit" that my mom put together for me.

Here is another picture of the start of my ribbon bouquet because MOH-Lu was so proud of the handle she was developing out of the ribbons. She insisted we get pix of all angles, I will only bore you with one. I love you MOH-Lu! :) LOL

I have learned that most people just put things in bags now, because I had hardly ANY ribbon. They used a huge plate though so we are just going to add onto it over the next two showers as well.

One great gift was of course from my mom... some earrings she knew I had my eye on at Nordstrom for the wedding day. My dress is so detailed I wanted some simple but blingy earrings and Mama Mojito came through... sorry the picture quality is poor, but I also found a pic of them off of the Nordstrom website.

I got a lot of kitchen items I wanted from Macy's, as well as a ton of items we were hoping for at Crate and Barrel... was SO excited to see I got this apothecary jar... when I lived with my parents my mom had some randomly throughout the house that we would decorate differently for seasons and I just love them so much!

Probably one of the funnest moments of the day though was finally finding out some information about this weekends festivities. Up until this point my girls have kept my bachelorette party pretty hush-hush. I just knew it was in Newport Beach and that was about it. I kept telling them they had to at LEAST tell me something so I knew what to pack. But my MOHs are awesome and of course had to go above and beyond just for this task...

They got a really cute black tote bag, but some cute ribbon detail, and an iron-on that said "Laura's Bachelorette Party - Newport Beach, CA - February 26-28, 2010" Inside was a few things that you can see in this picture below (kinda)... first there were some hot pink flip flops, then that cute heart beach towel you see in the bottom right corner. What you see in the bottom left corner is a bag that had a makeup bag filled with different toiletries. There was also the cutest clipboard with high heels on it that I loved. I need some important task so I can use it haha. Clipped to the clipboard was a very broad weekend itinerary as well as my "packing list". Of course we can't forget this cute tee they got me to wear out to the bars on Saturday night.

And just because I love her, here is my friends daughter. She was so cute and after I opened EVERY present she would say "Miss Mojito, can I please pass it around?" and she would walk around showing it to everyone.

I had to take my moms car home because I couldn't find all my goods in my car, now the problem is trying to not use ANYTHING until after the wedding. I want it all fresh and new once we come back from the Honeymoon!


thehickbride said...

Looks like fun! I can't wait to be around all of the women I love and admire! Looks like you had that here!

I looove those earrings, they're stunning. Yowwwza! I also love the shirt "Buy me a shot I'm tying the knot." I want to wear one from now until the day I get married. Hahaha I hope it gets you lots of shots! ;)

Pug(s) and Bugg said...

AWW! It must be nice to have people who care so much. I sometimes feel a little neglected in that sense :(


You are so cute and the earrings will be PHENOMENAL!!!!


Alicia said...

Yay! It looks like you had a GREAT time!

Those earrings your mom got you are FANTASTIC!! I *LOVE* them.

I can't wait to see pics of your bachelorette party!!!!

Bee @ BP Wedding said...

I love your new earrings!! So pretty! Your mom rocks. :)

Aubrey said...

Fun, fun, fun. We're only 6 weeks away!