Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Miss Mojito Here...

...remember me? This year I've been amazing at bringing you something on a daily basis. It was always about my wedding, someone elses wedding, or at least a giveaway. Well I've sucked lately and I haven't been around in over a week. So I have some posts in the works that I'm getting ready to bring your way starting today. Not sure how exciting they are, but at least I'll be getting back into the blogging swing of things. Basically I need to get some more stuff to you now that we are less then two months away from the big day and I know once we hit the one month mark it will be even harder to get you regular blog posts. So I'm back on the blogging train.

So yeah... since the last time I wrote I did end up starting Nutrisystem. Yesterday was my first day, and let's just say this morning I would have taken a life of another for a freakin' Lumberjack Slam.

Let's just say doing that Google search right now was the worst thing I could do. Haha... anyways, the food is pretty lame. It's tolerable for the most part but it's definiately not something I plan on doing past 1-2 months. Today is Mr. Mojito's first day so we will see how that pans out for him. Thank heaven you can add fruit, veggies, dairy and some other protein in there so I can actually get some FRESH food into my system or it would be way harder. Hey, I'm going to do what I gotta do now!

I decided to take a day off of work on Friday because Thursday night I was pretty sick with some fluish crap goin on. Feeling better by around noon I decided to just get some wedding things done around the house so mom and I started getting boxes organized that will be for the wedding for my coordinator to be able to get things done in what we feel will be the quickest way possible because she will only have a little over an hour to set up. Talk about cutting it close! But yeah, nothing I can do about it since there is a wedding at my venue that morning/afternoon... I probably should have contacted that bride to see if she wanted to go havsies on decor. :)

Saturday morning I met with my Pastor at a coffee shop and he wanted me to explain to him my "vision" for the ceremony. He took good notes and we got the entire ceremony in order. I've been wanting to get that out of the way so that my last big project would be able to get started -- the programs. I actually have had some free postcards from Uprinting sitting in my inbox without a clue on what to do with them, so I've been designing something so that it can be just a simple glossy double sided postcard -- perfect, it's free. So I actually spent last night designing that with just the fonts and graphics from our invites and I just want to check all of the wording with Mr. Mojito tonight and then I will send it off to the printers.

I've once again felt really productive lately so that's why I haven't been around in the blogging world. This past Saturday was my first shower and this coming weekend is my bachelorette party... do you think Kamakaze shots are part of Nutrisystem? Yeah. Didn't think so.


Ashley @ Bride on a Budget said...

I have 500 business cards from Uprinting sitting in my inbox and I'm still debating on what to do with them. I'm not sure if I want to use them for my blog/etsy shop or whether I want to use them as photosharing cards.

Pug(s) and Bugg said...

Keep up the good work Mojito! You can do it!


Born to be Mrs. Beever said...

What a great idea to do a double sided post card program! Can't wait to see it. I am also working on the programs right now and got my first proof back today. I'll be blogging about it as soon as they arrive soon :)