Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Google Doc Love

I know I've explained my love for Google Docs so many times, it comes in sooo handy in the wedding world and honestly... if you aren't using it yet, get on it. Now that I'm down to the 60 day mark (yes, 60 days - wtf?!) some of these spreadsheets aren't as handy for me. But there are some that are SOOO awesome and I wish I had them.

Visit this link and see a ton of awesome spreadsheets that can help you with ALL of your planning, budgets, photographers, music, etc. I love the wedding planner one but it's not really useful for me anymore. If you are just starting out though, this is a way to get organized!

Best thing about Google Docs in my opinion? Is sharing features. It allows you to have the document shared with anyone (like Mam or FH) and then anytime you update it, rather then emailing the "latest" and hoping it doesn't get confused later, it just automatically updates theirs. You can also choose whether you want them to not be able to edit it, or they can make changes if they want.

I have used it for my guest list, music, readings, etc. and it's been awesome! I can't speak highly enough on how helpful it's been. So check out the awesome Google Wedding Docs and make your life a whole lot easier!

*Big thanks to Style Me Pretty for being awesome and having all of these templates ready for us brides who need a jumpstart to get organized!

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