Monday, February 1, 2010

Bouquet Bling

It's no secret to those who have followed me for a while that I love. the. bling. I'm not like New Jersey gaudy (sorry Miss Pugs haha) but I'm a girl who loves the diamonds and the bling... so I when I was thinking of my bouquet I honestly thought of doing something like this...

Is that way too much? Probably, but I secretly loved it. I also realized it maybe was a little too much for the look we were going for with our wedding. Our theme is in no way "bling" but a little more of that tropical feel so I started brainstorming.

But who doesn't love having a gorgeous bouquet wrap? Isn't that the one thing that draws you in and makes you swoon over? Of course the flowers are number one but it's the ribbons, fabrics, brooches, and charms that give it that special touch. Here are some examples of some bouquet wraps:

Maybe you can have some type of charm showing your new initial.

Always a great way to honor a lost loved one.

How about your something borrowed being a family heirloom like your grandmother's rosemary?

Ok, sorry but I saw this one and had to share. Would this not be awesome for your toss bouquet? The girls already get crazy enough, this would bring them out on the dance floor!

I could continue because there are SO. MANY. BEAUTIFUL bouquets out there and I could look at pix for days. So in conclusion I decided I'm still going to wrap my bouquet with something like a diamond white silk ribbon and it will be adorned with this bad boy I bought off eBay last week ($9!) and I just got it in the mail.

I get a little bit of bling while sticking with the theme of our wedding with the touches of starfish randomly throughout with this starfish brooch.

Are you planning on adorning your bouquet handle with anything?


Ashley @ Bride on a Budget said...

Cute brooch!

I'm getting a monogrammed wrap done and then tying a necklace my mom gave me around the stems.

Bicoastal Bride said...

I love the hanging lockets! As of now, I’m planning to use a purple wrap with pearl details.

Shanna said...

I love lockets, but your bouquet is gona look fab!

Em said...

My friend's bouquet looked like the first pic you posted and it was definitely not too much. I loved it. Her wedding *was* pretty bling, though. I really like what you chose to do with yours. I'm actually planning on doing the same thing!

Pug(s) and Bugg said...

LOL no offense taken :)

Mine is going to be a tad bit insane... I have 3 pug buttons, my sorority badge, and a locket with a picture of my dad to all go on there. Yikes-a-roni!



Creature Gorgeous said...

the money bouquet is hilarious!

Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

ohh, I like bouquet bling!!
I did not even think of this detail for my wedding, but If I had a redo, I totally would add something besides just the ribbon and whatever the florist did. I had a family heirloom from my husband's side sewn into the INSIDE of my dress, but I think it would have been better on my bouquet, than people would have seen it! Way to go with the bling AND staying with the theme! :)