Friday, February 5, 2010

And they're off!

On Wednesday these babies left my hot little hands...

And I started getting responses yesterday that people were receiving them. Yay finally, people are starting to realize my vision and get a taste of what they will be gettin' on April 17 (and by taste I don't mean the invites smelled like chicken).

I had a lot of GREAT feedback about the invites, everyone said how cute they were, so bright and fun, and soooo me (which is true!). I was a little bummed because when I ask how they looked when they received them everyone has told me the vellum was completely envelopes were pretty much trashed. I had a feeling, but oh well. The guests clearly know I didn't wad up their envelopes before I mailed it to them, so I will get over it.

It felt SO good to get these out and I can't wait to start receiving the RSVP's tomorrow (because I know there will be a couple).

What was the project that you felt the most joy when completing?


Llama said...

You must feel great! I love getting something "big" done like always puts me in the greatest of moods!

Katie said...

Yayyy congratulations!

Born to be Mrs. Beever said...

That is so exciting! We mailed our invites out on Saturday March 30th and got our first response (via our web site) on Monday night! Then we got a bunch of replies in the mail since then. They've been coming in every day! So definitely makes it very real and it's so great getting all the feedback from friends and family. Congrats on the big accomplishment!