Thursday, February 25, 2010

I'm Outta Here!

Class was cancelled so I'm outta here... have soooo much to-do so it's nice knowing I'm getting to leave two hours early!

Agenda for the rest of the day:
-Pick up stuff for my ladies at Nordstrom
-Stop at the MAC counter to pic up some shadows that I'm out of
-Make Cake Balls
-Pick up BM-Ash at the airport

Agenda for tomorrow:
-First dress alteration
-Get picked up by my girls.
-Head to Newport Beach

Agenda for the weekend:

There will be lots of this...

And unfortunately lots of this...

Okay, maybe not that dramatic but we are supposed to get a big storm in this weekend. I'm not going to let it bring me down though, even if I can't hang out at our hotels awesome poool...

See ya'll on Monday and I'll try to post recaps ASAP!

Venue Pitstop

I never took a lot of pictures of my venue. I might have posted one or two when I first started this blog, but I probably had two followers so many of you haven't seen this. Well a couple of weeks ago I visited my venue for the first time with my wedding coordinator so she could have more of a vision for planning. Let me take you on a tour of our yacht... well our yacht for about 5 hours anyway. :)

This is the first floor...

The window that you see in the back is actually the sliding glass doors that open up to enter/exit the yacht. Very fancy. To the left is one of the bars (you can't see it) and then there is a piano when you enter that you can (a) have playing automatically, (b) bring in a pianist, or (c) just look pretty. We are going with C. There are speakers throughout and will be playing music during dinner that we choose. Although most people don't see the reception decor this will be the first thing our guests see... that's why it has to look the bomb. Now do you know why we are going with our bright color palate? All that white and silver and then BAM check out our bright ass wedding, It's gonna be the shizz and I can't wait to see what Jean from LaVonne's does with our reception space.

Now from that one picture if I turn around you then see this...

The buffet area and there will actually be more tables in this blank black carpet area. I think there is 18 tables set up and we need probably 20-22. To the left in this picture is the elevator and stairs to the other floors.

When you walk up the stairs this is the first thing you see...

This is the second floor. I call it the "Nightclub Lounge" because it has a great big dancefloor and this is where the DJ will be set up along with the cake table (what you see) and our photobooth.

Here are the couches, bar, a little area that will be offering coffee, hot tea, and hot cocoa... where you see my mom standing (the one by the elevator) is where the photobooth will be... there's more space then it looks like and it needs about 8x8 for space my photographer said. The workers on the yacht will be moving our short centerpieces up to all of the coffee tables once dinner is over and everyones heading upstairs... yay for duel uses of the centerpieces!

We are about half way to the top now! :) If you go up to the third level you are where the ceremony will be held...

Talk about a view right?! This is where I will become Mrs. Mojito!! There will be a bit of draping in the windows with clusters of flowers up top, two large floor pillar arrangements at the aisle on each side of Mr Mojito and I, a gorgeous aisle runner that Papa Mojito painted with our logo and there will be pedals lining the aisle, this is also where the tissue poms will be hung on every other row going down the aisle.

Now let's head up to the last and final floor... the roof!

GORGEOUS!!!! This is where I will be at 7:24 pm when the sunset is scheduled. There is cocktail tables all over the roof so guests can come up here to chat and get some fresh air with a cocktail or grab a smoke... although now that I think about it I don't really have any smokers really.

It was crazy, there was a HUGE storm that week in Cali when we were there and it was pouring the whole way to the yacht. It was like the second we stepped foot on the yacht the clouds cleared and we had this, then about 30 minutes later the storm dropped another round of rain. Love the shot I got though from the roof, stunning!

So that's my venue in a nutshell! I'm so excited to be able to do this unique ceremony/reception venue... I always knew I would have a beach wedding but never thought I would actually be on the water!

What makes your ceremony or reception venue unique?

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Shower #1: Middle-Aged Mahem

The closer I get to the wedding, I realize more and more how blessed I truly am. I had my first of three showers this weekend and I knew this was going to be the "smallest" of the three and it was nothing short of fantastic.

Side Note: Please be warned there is a LOT of pictures ahead! Also don't judget me too much, I had errands to run before and was going to get ready at my parents but when I got there the electricity had been out all morning. Isn't easy to do your hair/make-up without it. :)

When I arrived I was greeted with some adult punch... it was freakin good... It was Lemonade/Limeade, 7-up, Vodka, and Beer. Yes beer, couldn't tell and it was damnnnn good.

I actually sat alone for the first 15 minutes, kinda odd when it's your shower, but that's because the ladies were at work in the other room.

They all took a picture when they came in and then made a scrapbook page that all went into a book and was given to me. So sweet and cute, loved it!

After we all socialized for a while and all of us were there (about 14 of us), we sat around for some yummy food. My mom's friend (who threw me my shower) had her son make an enchilada casserole. I've had a couple in my life and I know my Mexican and this was the BEST THING EVER. Can't believe I didn't take any pix of the food.

The food I did get a pic of was these homemade red velvet cupcakes that were so moist and delicious, and I'm not going to lie... I had two.

Once we all ate it was time for presents, everyone always says it and it's true. I'm not one to be shy in the spotlight... but it's awkward when you are the ONLY one opening presents.

Lesson learned: Don't let one of the "non-gadget-friendly" ladies take pix of you opening presents, because well... I didn't get any really. They all turned out like this:

Both of my MOHs were busy, writing down my gifts and making my bouquet so I had to leave it to my mom's friend...

MOH-Lu is trying to get MOH-Kc to see how awesome her work was, she was so proud. MOH-Kc was more interested to see all of the cute things in my "Wedding Day Emergency Kit" that my mom put together for me.

Here is another picture of the start of my ribbon bouquet because MOH-Lu was so proud of the handle she was developing out of the ribbons. She insisted we get pix of all angles, I will only bore you with one. I love you MOH-Lu! :) LOL

I have learned that most people just put things in bags now, because I had hardly ANY ribbon. They used a huge plate though so we are just going to add onto it over the next two showers as well.

One great gift was of course from my mom... some earrings she knew I had my eye on at Nordstrom for the wedding day. My dress is so detailed I wanted some simple but blingy earrings and Mama Mojito came through... sorry the picture quality is poor, but I also found a pic of them off of the Nordstrom website.

I got a lot of kitchen items I wanted from Macy's, as well as a ton of items we were hoping for at Crate and Barrel... was SO excited to see I got this apothecary jar... when I lived with my parents my mom had some randomly throughout the house that we would decorate differently for seasons and I just love them so much!

Probably one of the funnest moments of the day though was finally finding out some information about this weekends festivities. Up until this point my girls have kept my bachelorette party pretty hush-hush. I just knew it was in Newport Beach and that was about it. I kept telling them they had to at LEAST tell me something so I knew what to pack. But my MOHs are awesome and of course had to go above and beyond just for this task...

They got a really cute black tote bag, but some cute ribbon detail, and an iron-on that said "Laura's Bachelorette Party - Newport Beach, CA - February 26-28, 2010" Inside was a few things that you can see in this picture below (kinda)... first there were some hot pink flip flops, then that cute heart beach towel you see in the bottom right corner. What you see in the bottom left corner is a bag that had a makeup bag filled with different toiletries. There was also the cutest clipboard with high heels on it that I loved. I need some important task so I can use it haha. Clipped to the clipboard was a very broad weekend itinerary as well as my "packing list". Of course we can't forget this cute tee they got me to wear out to the bars on Saturday night.

And just because I love her, here is my friends daughter. She was so cute and after I opened EVERY present she would say "Miss Mojito, can I please pass it around?" and she would walk around showing it to everyone.

I had to take my moms car home because I couldn't find all my goods in my car, now the problem is trying to not use ANYTHING until after the wedding. I want it all fresh and new once we come back from the Honeymoon!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Back to the Brunette Basics

I'm a Brunette. How dark? I have no idea. I started dying my hair in 7th grade and never looked back. I've had my hair so many different colors I can't even keep up. Here is a few pictures of me over the past few years with some of my different shades...

So there was a few times were I went blonde...

And then I've done jet black a few times which I always love but it's SO hard to get rid of...

Then there is always my multiple shades of brown...

And of course the few times I do some drastic reds...

So as you can see I'm never afraid to try new things with my hair... I'm always cutting it, and growing it, and dying it, and then dying it something else. That's why it was really hard on deciding for my wedding. After many polls with friends and family I decided I would try to start going blonde again after I got engaged. Before then I had black hair and it was a process that took some time. I was loving it until I saw some of my epix from Angels stadium and the Claremont Colleges...

Do you see that!? I love me some fun color editing in pictures like this one to make that blue door really pop. But you know what else then pops? My brassy looking blonde hair. I decided I did not want to see my hair looking like that 30 years from now in some of my pictures so I decided to go a "natural" route that I feel I like on myself as not something I will regret looking back at pix. Because let's face it, some people be really regretting their wedding pix now...

You know what I'm saying?? So I went back to my brunette roots. I'm not sure exactly what color my hair would be these days but my hair always was brown with some reddish tones to it so I went with this color.

...and I love it.

Are you doing anything different with your hair or are you going the safe way? Do you think I made a good decision?

Menu Decision

A month or two ago Leslie from Slieberry Designs who designed my invitation suite said she would make a menu for me as well. She made me a few versions that I enjoyed and only had minimal changes. I had her do them so I could fit 4 to a page to minimize printing and they would be long to slide into a napkin.

We are having a buffett at our wedding so this was actually totally not necessary. It was just something else I wanted ot have because I could. Knowing there are plenty of items already on the table I decided to forgo that idea because it would also save time and money.

Instead I had leslie design me one large menu and then I purchased a big frame for $5 at Wal-Mart and it will be placed at the front of the buffett table line. Will add a little pizazz to go along with everything else and inform guests of what we have to offer.

This is how it turned out...

I'm very happy with the results and am glad I decided not to go with individual menus for each person at their rable.

And just because I like pictures with posts, I will throw in our Valentine Dinner...

The Stinking Rose is such a fun and yummy (and smelly!) restaurant but of course you can't see that from this picture because we have a big 'ol seperate curtain right there. Probably should have tried another angle. Oh well. And yes, those are empty mojitos. :) After My delicious Garlic and Capers Halibut at the Stinking Rose we hit up a favorite dessert spot, Milk, in Hollywood. Sooo yummy!

Please, go head on over to their website and tell me you aren't wanting something sweet and yummy now!

Are you having menus at your wedding? How are you going about doing them?

Miss Mojito Here...

...remember me? This year I've been amazing at bringing you something on a daily basis. It was always about my wedding, someone elses wedding, or at least a giveaway. Well I've sucked lately and I haven't been around in over a week. So I have some posts in the works that I'm getting ready to bring your way starting today. Not sure how exciting they are, but at least I'll be getting back into the blogging swing of things. Basically I need to get some more stuff to you now that we are less then two months away from the big day and I know once we hit the one month mark it will be even harder to get you regular blog posts. So I'm back on the blogging train.

So yeah... since the last time I wrote I did end up starting Nutrisystem. Yesterday was my first day, and let's just say this morning I would have taken a life of another for a freakin' Lumberjack Slam.

Let's just say doing that Google search right now was the worst thing I could do. Haha... anyways, the food is pretty lame. It's tolerable for the most part but it's definiately not something I plan on doing past 1-2 months. Today is Mr. Mojito's first day so we will see how that pans out for him. Thank heaven you can add fruit, veggies, dairy and some other protein in there so I can actually get some FRESH food into my system or it would be way harder. Hey, I'm going to do what I gotta do now!

I decided to take a day off of work on Friday because Thursday night I was pretty sick with some fluish crap goin on. Feeling better by around noon I decided to just get some wedding things done around the house so mom and I started getting boxes organized that will be for the wedding for my coordinator to be able to get things done in what we feel will be the quickest way possible because she will only have a little over an hour to set up. Talk about cutting it close! But yeah, nothing I can do about it since there is a wedding at my venue that morning/afternoon... I probably should have contacted that bride to see if she wanted to go havsies on decor. :)

Saturday morning I met with my Pastor at a coffee shop and he wanted me to explain to him my "vision" for the ceremony. He took good notes and we got the entire ceremony in order. I've been wanting to get that out of the way so that my last big project would be able to get started -- the programs. I actually have had some free postcards from Uprinting sitting in my inbox without a clue on what to do with them, so I've been designing something so that it can be just a simple glossy double sided postcard -- perfect, it's free. So I actually spent last night designing that with just the fonts and graphics from our invites and I just want to check all of the wording with Mr. Mojito tonight and then I will send it off to the printers.

I've once again felt really productive lately so that's why I haven't been around in the blogging world. This past Saturday was my first shower and this coming weekend is my bachelorette party... do you think Kamakaze shots are part of Nutrisystem? Yeah. Didn't think so.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Weight Loss Struggles

Okay, I'm just throwing this on the table. Weight loss has been the biggest enemy in my life. I have fluctuated my entire life and I was always great (especially in high school) at going on a diet and sticking with it... for a while. I would drop 20 pounds like it was nobodys business and then it would just as easily come back. The past two years have been the hardest yet. Nothing motivates me.

There was one thing that I thought would be the biggest motivation of all. I told Mr. Mojito when we got engaged that this was the biggest motivator of all and I would want to drop a ton of weight. Well guess what, I'm two months out and in the past seven months I've gone down maybe 10-15 lbs... fluctuating constantly. I hate getting so down on myself but it's been extremely depressing. I've tried just watching what I eat, working out, pills, Weight Watchers, I've tried it all. Honestly, Weight Watchers is an INCREDIBLE program that I love and always have been successful on... when I stick with it.

This time I needed something different, something that didn't give me options. I'm going with something I'm dreading... NutriSystem. Mr. Mojito and I were at Costco this past weekend and they had 35 days worth of food (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, & Snack/Dessrt)... it was $235 for the month... that put it at less then $2 a day, so we both ordered it and put in our orders last night. We should receive our food in the next couple of days.

I'm petrified, I'm picky and think this food is going to be disgusting. But with two months until my wedding and honeymoon I'm desperate. So since I haven't shared much of my weight loss struggles with you before this I wanted to start sharing with you my experience as I begin this new journey... I know there are some other girls out there struggling with this same thing that read my blog so I want to be able to share it with some of you.

So bring it Marie Osmond, you and your giant Texas hair commercials.

Have you had a struggle that you just haven't been able to get through? What was your breaking point and how did you get through it? Of course you don't have to share, I just like to hear encouraging stories to get me motivated. :)

Google Doc Love

I know I've explained my love for Google Docs so many times, it comes in sooo handy in the wedding world and honestly... if you aren't using it yet, get on it. Now that I'm down to the 60 day mark (yes, 60 days - wtf?!) some of these spreadsheets aren't as handy for me. But there are some that are SOOO awesome and I wish I had them.

Visit this link and see a ton of awesome spreadsheets that can help you with ALL of your planning, budgets, photographers, music, etc. I love the wedding planner one but it's not really useful for me anymore. If you are just starting out though, this is a way to get organized!

Best thing about Google Docs in my opinion? Is sharing features. It allows you to have the document shared with anyone (like Mam or FH) and then anytime you update it, rather then emailing the "latest" and hoping it doesn't get confused later, it just automatically updates theirs. You can also choose whether you want them to not be able to edit it, or they can make changes if they want.

I have used it for my guest list, music, readings, etc. and it's been awesome! I can't speak highly enough on how helpful it's been. So check out the awesome Google Wedding Docs and make your life a whole lot easier!

*Big thanks to Style Me Pretty for being awesome and having all of these templates ready for us brides who need a jumpstart to get organized!

Better late then never...

Sorry for making you ladies all wait this weekend but it was Valentine's day and I never got to count up all the entries from my MyWeddingFavors giveaway that ended on Friday.

The winner was...
Please email me at withthisringitheeblog {at} gmail {dot} com Alvina so I can get your gift certificate to you soon!
Thanks for all who participated in my week of giveaways! Can't wait to have another giveaway soon! :)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

...From the Mojitos!

Hope you and your fiance / boyfriend / husband / significant other have a fabulous day together filled with love!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

NWR: To my American Idol Fans

Okay, as probably most of you out there who watch American Idol... this local guy, Andrew Garcia is pretty much my favvvvorite. When he sang this song on Tuesday night I got serious chills... Paul be proud!

(Sorry that the video I found was someone recording their TV haha)

Can we get this on freakin' iTunes please?!

Here were a couple of my other favorites:

Lilly Scott

Crystal Bowersox

Go to 38 seconds for beginning of singing

Michael Lynche

Go to 3:55 mark for beginning of his singing

Who are your faves so far this season??

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Where in the World Wednesdays: 2/10/10

This Wednesday, I'm taking you to one of my FAVORITE places that I've been to dozens and dozens of times -- Vegas baby! I'm a frequenter and I crave it if I haven't been in too long (like right now). But this trip was different, this one was in mid-November 2008. We were 23 years old and Mr. Mojito and had NEVER been to Vegas...

WAH?! Who's never been to Vegas when you are 23 and live only about a 3 hour drive away?? So a trip was in order! Okay, actually he went once when he was 11, stayed at Circus, Circus and was there for his sister's cheer competition. Not exactly your dream Vegas trip eh?

So I planned an all-out trip. We stayed at Caesar's Palace and went during the annual Comedy Festival... the main headliner of the weekend was Jerry Seinfeld -- Mr. Mojito's FAVORITE and we saw a couple of other comediens as well. It was a great trip that I will never forget... we had great food, great laughs, and we won a lot of moo-lah! Mr. Mojito doesn't even remember the first night and he was passed out by 8:00 pm, yup 8:00 pm... we missed reservations for our delish steak dinner and never made it to his trip to the nightclub. We started making one of my faves - "Cactus Coolers" and while we waited for maintenence to come fix a light in the bathroom we already had downed the bottle of Citrus Vodka. He then decided to start drinking Jack & Cokes in the casino and before you knew it he was visiting the porcelein gods.

It was a crappy first night gambling alone after I tucked Mr. Mojito in bed.. what?! You didn't think I was gonna stay in did you?? Haha... but it was one of the greatest Vegas trips I will never forget... besides the mock bachelorette party of course! :)

Vista Print Giveaway Winner

The winner of 100 Save the Date or Thank You Cards from Vista Print is...


KMattso2 from "Happily Ever After"

She will be using this for Thank You cards for her wedding!


Please email me at ASAP so I can get the details to retreive your prize ASAP!

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Another DIY Bites the Dust

Okay, so my DIY list seems to keep growing and growing, so today when my mom and I were talking we decided to take a look at some of our to-do's and see how we could either take them off the list completely or figure out a way to get it done or get it easier.

One of the things I've always loved is the "Thank You" Parasols that have become EXTREMELY popular. My dad has been a sign painter his ENTIRE life, so painting up this badboy would be easy for him yet take a lot of time. My dad is a busy guy, and I've already thrown some big projects his way.

I bet I'm one of the few, if not only, who's dad made their table numbers. Hahaha, not a typical dad-duty.

And this is COMPLETELY not related to the post, but is this not a gorgeous thing done with parasols?

So yeah, realizing this was a project that would take a good chunk of an afternoon on my dad's weekend and knowing he does have better things to do then stuff for my wedding I thought I would take this one off of his hands. Into mine? No way, I don't think I have the patience anymore and I don't want to spend the money to buy one that somebody else made.

So I'm going with something that I still think is cute in pix and will work perfect for our Thank You postcards that I plan on making after the wedding... Thank You Posters.

I will probably do two seperate posters for "Thank" & "You" and my dad could whip this project out for me in 20 minutes with some vinyl and a board. I might border it with some ribbon or something or depending on how it looks I might just leave it in the fuschia swirly fun font he uses for me. I'll be sure to show them to you when they're done, but there won't be a tutorial. Because honestly my dad just prints out the vinyl and lays them on poster for me. That's how Mr. Mojito had such a sweet little poster for me at my graduation, courtesy of Papa Mojito.

I was hoping it would have said "Marry Me Miss Mojito!" but whatever... that actually came a few days after graduation! :)

Do you plan on doing one of the "Thank You" trends? What are you going to use?