Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sweet Favors vs. Lucky Favors

I started writing a blog for this when I switched my favor to a candy bar. But I just deleted it because thigns have changed. Based on my number of guests my wedding coordinator Katy and I figured out how much candy we would need. Wow this is pricey if you are having a big wedding! So we forwent that idea. It seems like it can be a very affordable option until you break it down based on how many people you are having... so not cheap!

This was my inspiration since the colors were very similar to mine!

Was also going to include a "Love is Sweet" banner.

My coordinator Katy actually had made this one. This was at her wedding last summer.

See more pix of her wedding here:


So I'm back to my original favor idea. Which a lot of you may not have been following me yet so I will spill it to you quick and then write a blog about it when they actually get put together...

I've actually purchased the envelopes this week(super cheap!) on eBay and now am just waiting to purchase the scratchers. The new 2010 penny comes out in February so I plan on getting the favors done sometime after that. Each envelope will hold a scratcher and a 2010 penny. I will also make some cute labels that will have something witty like "Lucky in Love" on it as well as a thank you.

I also plan on having our DJ have a little game with everyone having anyone who won ANYTHING on their scratcher to stand up and have the values go higher and higher until we see what the most someone wins. Hell, if we are purchasing 200 scratchers SOMEONE is bound to win something right? I mean, my Grandpa did win $50,000 on one so it can happen!

I think it's a fun favor that won't end up just in the trash... well unless they lose of course.


Em said...

I really really love this idea!! FMIL always sends us cards for random holidays (VDay, Halloween, etc) and she always puts scratch off cards in them. She would love this idea, I think! We weren't planning on doing favors, but this might be a game-changer, to to speak! I really like the idea that it's sort of interactive. Can't wait to see how it turns out!

LauraLou said...

I love that idea! It may have something to do with the whole 'Lucky in Love' line, since that's the name of my blog, but it's adorable!

Pug(s) and Bugg said...

LOVE this idea. And your grandpa won 50k??? Can he play the lotto for me????


Couture Bowl said...

such a great unique idea! even more so than the candy bar. i love that you will use the 2010 penny :)

ohana photographers said...

i love the scratcher idea!

Llama said...

what an awesome favor!!!!

Aubrey said...

Cute, cute, cute. And I like it more than a candy bar.