Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Make it Stop!

There are two horrible things that have come along with getting engaged and that will hopefully stop at SOME POINT when the wedding is over:

1. Wedding Nightmares

Yes, that is one of the dreams I have. Of me showing up in a dress that was sooo innapropriate and not MY dress. I also have the ones where all of a sudden it's 5:00 and I realize I haven't done hair, makeup, nothing. I hate it and it gets me woken up in a fluster! It's seriously the worst feeling when I wake up with these wedding nightmares. Fortunately it's been a few weeks since I've had one but because of this post I'm writing I'm sure I'll be graced with one tonight. I'm not joking, I've had these horrible nightmares at least 10-15 times! The sad thing is, is I've NEVER had a happy wedding dream where it is this fabulous dream of a wedding... it is always DISASTER.

2. Wedding Email Spam

Annnnny of you ladies who have gone to a bridal show know exactly what I'm talking about. And because of this, I stopped going to them. I remember the week I went to my first one my cell phone and email were getting flooded and it didn't stop. I would request them to stop calling me or tell them I already found someone and it didn't continue. I know one time I sent like a threatening email because these people wouldn't leave me alone. THey have gone away a lot, but I still get one or two a day... some I "Unsubscribe" to and I STILL get crap from them. Hopefully these people have my wedding date and it will all end April 17.

Do you have anything that has just drove you bonkers over your engagement?


Pug(s) and Bugg said...

DUDE... my MOM had a wedding nightmare even... it's going around!


Leanne said...

My wedding is in two years and I'm already suffering from nightmares. They are horrible! I had one where EVERYTHING from the dresses to the center pieces were wrong, and no one noticed until the day of.

I hate them, and I really hope they don't last until my wedding day!

Sandy said...

I did get a lot of daily emails after I went to a bridal show. Thank goodness I gave them my "junk email address" at least, but it was still annoying.

Other things that drove me crazy were wedding planning drama! Sadly, I think it's inevitable for all, in some form or another. =(

Hannah said...

I love your #2. David's Bridal called me so many times in the same week that I finally started crying and told them the marriage had been called off. The woman quickly apologized and they never called back!