Sunday, January 31, 2010

If I didn't already have a garter...

I would purchase these! They are so cute, fun, and sexy!

I found the Juliette Garters
just the other day and I fell in love. Of course I'm known to do a little boozing from time to time so this was write up my alley. No Miss Mojito isn't an alcoholic and doesn't need help, I just like a good cocktail (or two) now and then :)

I'm also a crazy stresser and need some serious Valuum or Zanex on my wedding day so I know that I will probably having a little bit of alcohol in my system to loosen me up a little bit on the big day... how cute are these tho?

Here are just a few I pulled off the website...

And here are some pix of some actual brides and her ladies with them. What a fun BM gift too... and great to use at Bachelorette Parties and other girls night outs on the town!

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Jenn said...

Where did you get your garter? can't seem to find one that's not tacky looking.. I'm wanting a "fishing" themed one