Thursday, January 14, 2010

God & the Mojitos

I've never flat out said it in a blog post, but as you may have noticed by just me mentioning things here and there... Mr. Mojito and I are Christians.

One thing that is known pretty much by everyone is that you should not be living with your significant other before marriage. Well Mr. Mojito and I did. It just seemed to work for us, but some things have changed.

Last June my roommate told me she was going to be moving out to move closer to her job that was in Downtown LA. I hate the hunt for roommates and I have had some horrible experiences... living with her was awesome and I loved every minute of it so I was devistated thinking of finding someone to rent out my second bedroom in our house. Mr. Mojito and I had recently become engaged and it just made sense. Why find a roommate for less then a year when Mr. Mojito is already here 24/7 and will be moving in when we get married.

I freaked out knowing that I could not financially afford my house alone AND be able to survive fully on top of that... so Mr. Mojito and I made the decision that he would just move in with me.

About six months down the road we realize we need to start figuring out who we want to marry us and made the decision we wanted to do pre-marital counceling with one of the two pastors we knew personally and wanted to marry us. We made a decision on the pastor that is new at our church and we have began developing a good relationship with. Mr. Mojito's mother works at the church and told us that she knows Pastor C will NOT do pre-marital counceling or marry anyone who is living together before marriage.

Because of this, we decided at the end of December Mr. Mojito was going to be moving out. I was totally sad, but thought this was maybe a good way to start our marriage, knowing that although we were living together we decided to go back to living apart before our wedding day in April.

January 3 he moved out, and I cried. I felt pathetic knowing that there are so many people, some of my friends included, who have husbands that are fighting for our country and don't see them for months at a time but mine is just moving 15 miles away to go live with his parents and I will still see him all the time.

I can't say it hasn't been tough. When there's been that spider on the wall, or I want to toss my puppy out the window I just want Mr. Mojito there. He comes over all but maybe two nights a week and it's nice, it has given me time to get some wedding projects done (Do you think I would have had time to make tissue poms, tissue pockets for the ceremony, and DIY 'staches done?) and hang out with some friends.

What has been a huge change you've faced during your engagement - religious or not?

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Aubrey said...

Wow. That's a huge thing. We are lucky that our pastor has tended to turn a blind eye to us living together. He's let us know what the Bible says on the pre-marital relations thing, but I've never felt like he's judged us.

Luckily for you, Mr. Mojito can move back in just 3 short months!