Thursday, January 21, 2010

Cake vs. Cupcake Debate

Honestly, if we didn't have a cake come with our wedding package I would have gone for a cupcake tower HANDSDOWN. If you are on the fence about what you would like this might be a few things to make you lean towards one or the other.
First of all, people love cupcakes. They don't taste different then cake, they are just in a mini cake form. But for some reason people love 'em. They devour 'em. You offer people cake many times they pass, you offer a cupcake who can say no? Maybe it's the thought of "portion control" ... Oh well it's just one little cupcake, right?
I've been to a lot of weddings and have seen both served. Many people pass on cake and a ton gets wasted EVERY SINGLE CUPCAKE WEDDING I've been to the cupcakes are demolished and completely wiped out by the end of the evening. Not only do you get to have one after the cake is cut but after you've been buffin' the wood for a while you get a little hungry and head on over to that cupcake table for a little late night treat! I know at my FSIL's wedding Mr. Mojito and I had a few cupcakes and never would I get another piece at a wedding with regular cake. You're spending all that money, you want people to eat it.
Who says you can't still cut the cake? I love how they do a mini circular cake a lot of times still on the top of the cake so that you can still cut the cake with your groom for those picture moments. Side note: How did that tradition start anyways?? Moving on...
And last but not least, have you seen these cake cutting fees?! You are already sometimes spending hundreds of dollars on a wedding cake and here you are having a venue that wants to charge you anwhere from $1-3 PER PERSON to cut the cake? B.S. I say. I'm not sure about all venues but I know it doesn't make sense to me but if you have cupcakes there won't be that redonkulous fee from the vendor. So once again, another way to save a few buck-a-roos.
After writing up these few reasons I definiately wish I was having cupcakes but I think our FABULOUS baker is going to impress our people enough to make them devour their cake... at least I hope so!
Hell, don't forget... you don't HAVE to have cake! :)

I don't know if it's just the time of day but that hostess wedding cake is lookin' damn good right now.


Christine said...

We had cupcakes at our wedding and they were a big hit! If I did it all over againthere would be things I changed but I would def. have cupcakes!! I'm sure your cake will be fabulous as it comes iwth your package!! Perhaps you can have cupcakes to celebrate future anniversaries

Jenn said...

that donut tower is too cool!! hhaa

Bicoastal Bride said...

The doughnut and hostess cakes look amazing!

Pug(s) and Bugg said...

Andddd I'm hungry.

word verification- flavess. I take that as a form of flavors. FLAVOR FLAVESS!


Ria Thurston said...

Thanks for following my blog! Yours is so fun... I love everything wedding-related :) We had cupcakes at our wedding! Good choice on our part... less expensive for 500 people too. (Yeah, large families = large wedding!)


Katie said...

Ummm cupcakes = win. :) We're planning on having mini cupcakes in a large assortment of the hopes that it will make people eat even MORE! :)