Sunday, January 31, 2010

If I didn't already have a garter...

I would purchase these! They are so cute, fun, and sexy!

I found the Juliette Garters
just the other day and I fell in love. Of course I'm known to do a little boozing from time to time so this was write up my alley. No Miss Mojito isn't an alcoholic and doesn't need help, I just like a good cocktail (or two) now and then :)

I'm also a crazy stresser and need some serious Valuum or Zanex on my wedding day so I know that I will probably having a little bit of alcohol in my system to loosen me up a little bit on the big day... how cute are these tho?

Here are just a few I pulled off the website...

And here are some pix of some actual brides and her ladies with them. What a fun BM gift too... and great to use at Bachelorette Parties and other girls night outs on the town!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Not For Mr. Mojito's Eyes

I got my dressss! *hip, skip. jump, hoorah*
So as I mentioned earlier this week, my dress came in last Friday. According to UPS the box was supposed to be shipped on Friday morning and I was going to be meeting with my wedding coordinator so I was a little scared because of the huge storm that we were part of.

Before we left I examined my moms front porch to make sure it was big enough to make sure that box wasn't going to get soaked. All looked good and sure enough when we pulled up to my moms house that afternoon there was a box on the porch. But I was concerned. This box was way too small to have my big poofy dress in there! Sure enough, it was it. How they do it I have no idea but I was picturing a massive box showing up at the house, guess I was wrong...

Like seriously, I had boots that came in a shoebox this size.

Gah! Do you see my dress crammed in that little bag?!

And here she is in all of her [way toooo big] glory...

Tried to get detailing with out taking a full on boob shot.

Okay, seriously I'm 5'10 almost and look how long it is! I never had an issue with the dresses being too long, most of the time they were too short!

It's going to need SO many alterations but I'm just so happy with my dress, it's completely gorgeous and I couldn't be happier.

*For those wondering and haven't followed my blog through my dress journey, this is the Maggie Sottero Victoriana.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Giveaway Fail.

As you can see, Day 1 of the giveaways was posted. And even though I changed the schedule date to Monday after I realized it posted it it just changed the date but didn't actually take it away... so since I'm not very blog savy and don't know what else to do you guys are getting a couple extra days for the giveaway and will get a taste... next giveaway coming on Tuesday... unless I suck it up again then you might see it as soon as this weekend! LOL Good luck! :)

She's Ready for Her Close Up

My ring that is! (50 foot Bride AKA Miss Sciz is gonna hate that I called my ring she Hahaha!) Many months ago I read this post here on WeddingbeePRO showing you how you can do some nice ring shots with just a point and shoot camera. I wasn't THRILLED with any of them, but I thought I got a few decent ones. I just realized I have NO lighting in my house, it's hard to fill huge vaulted ceilings with no lighting I guess. I will try again another day but here was my first shot at the task...

Have you done a little photoshoot with your ring? Link me to it so I can check out your creative sides when it comes to some amateur photography with a point & shoot.

____ Days of Giveaways!

So far it's four... that's right FOUR days of giveaways! I'm still in the talks with some people* that might want to donate something to the giveaway we're doing but we shall see... hopefully they will just keep on coming! :) So be sure to check back Monday for Day 1!!

*If you have an Etsy Shop or some type of other craft/business and have something you'd like to donate to the giveaway let me know! I'd love to include you and possibly help you with a little business!!


I seriously love it... being in LA we have TONS of trendy cupcakerys but one of my favorites is definiately still Sprinkles! When I saw this giveaway hosted by Sonja at "For the Love of Stilettos" I was allll over this giveaway. Sprinkles Cupcake set!

If you head over there be sure to mention that "Laura K AKA Miss Mojito" sent you!

Pictures from Mr. Mojito's first trip to Sprinkles for his Birthday!

GIVEAWAY: The Verdict is In!


And the winner...
Of the 250 Custom Sticker/Labels from Uprinting is...

Kelly, AKA KJPugs, from Miss Pugs Pawfect Wedding!
Kelly said she would be using this prize to seal the
cookie favor bags that they are having at their wedding.
Ok seriously, this was the most response I've had so far for a giveaway and I was thrilled, I'm so excited to start a couple new giveaways starting next week or the following for hitting my 100 follower mark! As you can see on my little listing I was putting together as I read through the comments there was a total of 122 entries and Kelly was the lucky winner with entry #14!

Thank ya'll for participating and keep followin' because I will be having a couple of giveaways starting up VERY soon!

Last call!

You are cutting it close! If you haven't entered my giveaway for 250 custom stickers/labels you better do it here now... drawing ends today at 12:00 PM (EST)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

More E-Pix [2 of 2]

So some of you had asked why I took more engagement pix. As most of you know we took our original pix with our Wedding Photographer at Angel's Stadium back in September. I love our e-pix there don't get me wrong. But I also wanted some nice pix of us... some where we aren't in jeans, jersey's, and playing around ya know? And that's exactly what I got with these pictures.

Here are the other half of some of my faves that I wanted to share with you.

*All photos done by Doreen Marino. Editing done by her or myself (which I used Picnik and was so happy with the results!)

Don't forget!

I'm hosting a giveaway sponsored by Uprinting for 250 custom labels/stickers... be sure to enter here before Friday!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I just hit 100 followers this afternoon and I've promised ya'll that once that happened I would bring you another giveaway. I have my Uprinting giveaway already going on this week so expect a giveaway (or two!) going on in the next week or two! Thanks for all of your love and support, I'm so greatful to have so many fabulous readers!


The Sand Ceremony Dilemma

I always wanted to do a sand ceremony. The Unity candles were always nice, and I've really fallen in love with the new wine ceremony even. But the sand ceremony seemed like something that went well with our theme of our wedding and it would be something that we could place in our home for years to come as a rememberence of uniting as one.

As time went on I slowly started getting over the idea -- mainly because I already felt that our ceremony could get lengthy and I want to keep it at around 20-25 minutes. Although I'm sure it would only take a minute or two, I just felt we were adding in so many other things already with the readings, communion, etc. That was until this morning when I saw this picture on a friends Facebook page:

Perfect. We are doing two readings at our wedding (which I'm writing a seperate post about), one is just a verse while the other is a short story/poem. I figure that would be perfect for us to do the ceremony possibly during the longer reading.

I still have the thought in my mind that it could be "too much" and I'm adding too many "events" into our ceremony because I definately don't want to overdue it. What do you think? Should I just kick this idea or should I try and roll with it possibly closer to the wedding when our ceremony is more laid out?

More E-Pix [1 of 2]

A couple of weeks ago I promised you some pix and I just realized yesterday that I never got around to showing them to you. One of my readers saw them on Facebook and commented how they never saw them so I thought I would share them with you right now.

I had mentioned in my teaser post that there was a new photographer in my area who wanted to take some pix for her website/portfolio so we met at the Claremont Colleges in Claremont, CA and took some great shots. I'm so happy with Doreen's work and for the price she's charging if you want some pix done in the area let me know, she is soooo fun to work with! So enough jibber jab, here's the pix. Some where her edits, some others were mine... Get ready for some e-pic overload.

Ok I don't want to over do it on the pix in this post so I'm going to show you more in another post!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010



There, I said it. You know my addiction. I have pallets and pallets of eye shadow. I don't wear any face makeup except bronzer and the rest is all about the eyes -- I love eyeshadow and especially mascara. When I go out with the girlfriends a lot of times people want me to do their eye makeup and I always get told I do great with my eye makeup. People are often thinking it's a waste for me to even get my make-up done on my wedding day and think I do great and should just do it myself.

I think two things about that... (1) it's my wedding day and I don't want to do crap, I wanna be pampered yo! and (2) my makeup doesn't tend to show up as well in pictures for some reason unless they are pretty close up.

Sidenote for a secret weapon for those of you who want to do your own make-up for the big day. To get your eye makeup to look smooth, bold, and last all day you need this product. Hell, you need this product for any time... it's awesome.

I bring you Urban Decay's Eyeshadow Primer Potion. Put a little of this bad boy on your lids before your eye make up and it makes the color bold and stay all day. I've woken up after a hard night and still have (semi)flawless lids. Just so you know Urban Decay isn't given me crap for telling you this... but if you little Urban Decay online gods are reading this, feel free to send me some free stuff. Thanks.

On to the rest of my post... so I had considered have a Mac girl do my Makeup as I've known a few who can do a fantastic job. But Mac also has a reputation of making some girls look like this:

Now although there was a time where I rocked the eyeshadow on the right, that's definiately not what I want to rock on my wedding day! So I thought the weekend of my bachelorette party (which is also in Newport) I would go test out some ladies at a Mac counter.

Enter friendor D. D got laid off a little over a year ago from her job and wanted a hobby. She got really into make-up, starting going to conventions (even had lunch with some Dior people or something like that), and started taking classes. She even started making her own organic makeup! She talked to me a couple of weeks ago and it brought up an idea. Why am I not going to let her do it? I know she does great makeup, she just finished a bridal makeup class, and she has her own airbrush to make me look shizam on the big day.

Yes, another friendor to get the job done. She's actually going to practice on all of the bridesmaids and myself the weekend of my bachelorette party so I'm really excited about that and will be sure to share pix! She wants to do it free of charge and just be able to use pix for her portfolio so I will probably give her a gift certificate to somewhere that she purchases a lot of her makeup from as a little thank you!

Are you planning on doing your own make-up? Having a friend do it? Or are you hiring a makeup artist?