Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Why I Love This Week

One of my newest followers, Brittany from An Enchanted Life While Becoming a Wife had something on her blog that I liked and although right now I say I might try and do it every week, who knows. I have been good at doing my blogs of the week so maybe I'll surprise you! I'd love for some of my other readers to join in as well. Love hearing what's going on in everyones lives...even if it doesn't involve wedding planning!

1. Our Christmas tree is up, the final part of our home decorating for Christmas!

2. This is my last week of work before leaving for FSIL's wedding in Austin next week.

3. Brad's wedding ring will be available at the end of this week for pick up.

4. I'm supposed to get my hair done [color AND cut] on Friday.

5. After this weekend finals will be over!


Stephanie said...

Love it! I'll start playing along. Hopefully a good transition from wedding recaps to real married life ;)

Miss Pug said...

AND you got to chat me up!!!!! Yay for phone calls!