Monday, December 21, 2009

Weddings are Bigger in Texas: The Venue

As I mentioned before we left we stayed at The Crossings which is a little retreat centers secluded outside of all the main areas of Austin. It was seriously great and more serene then anything I've experienced - there wasn't even TVs in the room. Which can I mention? I've never noticed how much I rely on the TV when I'm at a hotel! LOL The rooms were so great, all of our food was included, there was gorgeous pools, a fabulous spa, just a great relaxing weekend... minus the obvious pre-wedding stress of course.

Here is Mr. Mojito enjoying a beer in the room (yeah we brought our own booze)... he lives a beer that they don't have in Cali called Shiner, and even better is their "Holiday Cheer" beer that is sooo yummy!

These are the gorgeous infinity pools that over look one of the lakes in Austin and tons of trees. I wish you could see how fabulous all of the trees looked in the distance, sooo many colors. We don't tend to see all of the colors change in So Cal like many other places... one reason I love New England!

View from our Balcony.

These were our orthopedic beds that were soo comfortable, I could have slept for days... it may have had to do with sleeping on a pull out couch in our suite the previous couple of nights with Mr. Mojito but seriously, these beds were heavenly.

Can we please not all get naked when I wanna go in the sauna men? Thanks.

I realized these posts are kinda boring, I know you just want more wedding pix so I might have to post another post soon so you don't hate me for being so lame.

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Pug(s) and Bugg said...

BAHAHA naked sauna men.

I've never seen a real infinity pool. It looks glorious!!! Stinks that it was chilly :(