Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Weddings are Bigger in Texas: The Reception

The reception was a great time. The string quartet continued to play for an hour during cocktail hour where guests could sip on wine, champagne, or a variety of beers. Once cocktail hour was over it was on to the ipod DJ. Yes, my FBIL and FSIL were one of those who decided to forgo the DJ and I thought it worked out great. Besides the fact that you couldn't see a DJ nobody would know the difference. One thing I would suggest if you are going that route (GREAT money saver) is be sure to listen to ALL of the songs you download. While people were gettin' ready to drop it like it's hot to some Snoop D - O - Double - G the song was really poor quality and someone had to go run and change it. Other then that it was fantastic.

Mr. Mojito and I insisted on trying all of the cup cake flavors...
...even if it made us sick.

The father daughter dance killed me.

They danced to "I loved her first" which is a GREAT f/d dance song.

I balled. Which isn't out of the oridinary, but still.

Love this picture of their first dance.

Too bad the photographer is in the pic, I'm sure she got a better shot then me LOL

There were some pictures I kept taking because I loved the back of that dress!

Great cake eating photo of FBIL...
Remember me telling you the story about the cake knife?

Here it is in action...

BUT, it wouldn't cut the cake.

That's why you see them with a butcher knife in this picture haha...

Here is me with my cow tounge.

That's nothing, I seriously have Gene Simmons syndrome.

Feelin' nice after a few glasses of champagne and chardonnay.

Of course I had to get a shot with the bride...

...as well as one with the whole new sibling family we've started!

Well that was my little journey in Austin for my FBIL and FSIL's wedding. I'm so happy to have these great people in my life and to be able to finally have some siblings I've never had. Yes, Miss Mojito was a lone wolf in the family. But that's okay, I liked being an only child. :)


Katie said...

Sigh...everything was just so pretty!

Pug(s) and Bugg said...

I fully support the tasting of ALL cupcake flavors. If you don't you will leave riddled with regret. I say good call.