Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Weddings are Bigger in Texas: The Details

One of the posts I was looking forward to writing about, and one of the posts you ladies probably care most about - the details. The things that we fret about for months, and think about over and over and many people don't even notice. But I do! So I took some pix to share with ya'll!

There were three different themes for centerpieces that alternated on all of the tables. My FSIL collected the milky white vases in various shapes and sizes and gave them to the florist to make three centerpieces with for some tables. Some other tables had the vases with tissue poms stuffed and floating on them. The third was for the really big tables (all of the tables were different shapes and sizes) and those were floral with also tall vases with manzanita branches. I wish I would have laid off the chardonay so I could have gotten some pix of those other two centerpieces.

These were the different cupcake tiered flavors. There was the James Brown (chocolate with chocolate), the Marilyn Monroe (vanilla with vanilla), Gingersnap (gingersnap cookie with gingersnap cream cheese frosting), Elvis (banana with peanut butter frosting), and Strawberry Love (vanilla w/ fresh strawberry chunks with strawberry cream cheese frosting).

Cupcakes courtesy of Sugar Mama's Bakeshop in Downtown Austin

All of these tissue poms were made two days before the wedding.
Loved the way they turned out!

Some of my favorite details were at the guest book table (where I did my duties of guest book girl). She had a big antique frame where she hung their black & white engagement pix with ribbon and binder clips. So cute. They also had an old wooden frame (see pic below) where she hung the seating charts from.

A lot of poeple asked about these pictures. My FSIL went to an antique shop and just went through tons of boxes of pictures and found tons of old pictures of bride and grooms as well as other couples. Instead of a questbook she had an antique recipe box and had index cards where people wrote them a "Recipe for a Happy Marriage". I actually had a lot of funny moments watching people come up with things to write. Some people wrote just a little quote, some people actually made up a recipe. One older woman took it a little too literally and wrote out the only recipe for some dinner she could come up with off the top of her head. One couple went through at least 10 index cards and was rewriting something "better" for nearly a half hour.

This was what our table looked like. Unfortunately the table numbers we did the day before the wedding and the original plan didn't work out. The numbers were printed out from Martha's website on a robin's blue paper that we cut out into a circle. They were then pasted onto a white card stock that was 5x7 and the rounded edges were cut off at the edges. They had bought some fabulous 5x7 frames and when they tried to spray paint them the paint refused to stick (one reason not to wait until the day before!). So they ended up cutting around them quickly, not sure who it was, and it couldn't be a perfect circle since some edges were already cut to fit into the 5x7 frame. Someone then just ran to Michael's and bought some little plastic easels and that was it. They ended up nothing that they were supposed to be, but hell I always try to remember -- what people don't know was supposed to be won't care!

Seating chart

Engagement pix

Guestbook Table

Groomsman bouts

...and of course the brides bouquet which this picture does NOT do justice. They were seriously gorgeous. The BMs were the same except a tad smaller and without orchids.

Up next: The Ceremony

What are some of your favorite details at a wedding? I need to decide on my focus! :)


Born to be Mrs. Beever said...

The cupcake tower is what I am longing for right now. It's so super easy and I think the most adorable thing. I so want to do it at our wedding but Mr Fix It has been back and forth on this issue. I am kind of over it. But the other little details I am currently obsessing over are our favor tags, escort card favor boxes, and the envelope wraps for our invitations. All of which I am doing myself and trying to finish within the next couple weeks.

Katie said...

The details are AWESOME! I am obsessed with the cupcakes...