Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Weddings are Bigger in Texas: The Big Day

There actually wasn't much that had to be done the actual day of the wedding. We were able to just hang out and enjoy ourselves until that afternoon when we started to get ready which was nice... here are just a bunch of pix that took place before the ceremony.

Brad and his sister, my FSIL :)

She was so stunning! Not anyone could pull off a dress the falls like that!

Looks like someone is practicing some dance movies!

My FBIL looking pretty cool and collected!

I loved the BM dresses, they were actually a Nordstrom find. I want one for myself!

I was sittin' in listening to the string quarter practice before the ceremony started and chatted it up with them for a few... they were great!

Honestly, it did not hit my FIL's that they're daughter was getting married until the ceremony was over. It hit them like a ton of bricks. It was surreal.

Of course I had to impose a little on the photographer and snuck in a coulple sho

Sorry I had to flood you with so many Mr. Mojito pix, I just haven't seen him in a tux before (except some old high school pix and college choir pix) but I loved it!

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Pug(s) and Bugg said...

It's always crazy to me to see slinky dresses. I would NEVER consider one (holy spare tire batman!) and love this look on her. So sexy, so demure, so classic!