Monday, December 21, 2009

Weddings are Bigger in Texas: Before the Big Day

Okay... here begins the journey of our fabulous trip to Austin, Texas last week. We left early Wednesday morning and was in Austin by 3:00. Okay all of my pix uploaded into Blogger all mixed up but I did take the time to break this up into separate posts to organize it somewhat. So you know what, some of these pix might not totally be in order, but eh who cares... my life isn't even in order! Haha, enjoy our little mini-vacay & the FSIL and FBIL's wedding...

This is actually my FBIL and FSIL's house they just purchased. It is seriously one of the most unique and cute houses I've ever seen. The inside is just FABULOUS, loving it. It's also in the best location. Their backyard is up against the historical Austin Motel and they are able to walk to so many fabulous restaurants, shops, and bars downtown. They've lived in Austin for over a year and have rented the houses on both sides. So they have had officially three different addresses all in a row.

Here is a mural that we just loved right in Downtown... it's also the wall they made their STD's with. They cropped it up so that it actually looked like a vintage postcard that they were photo shopped into.

This was a pit-stop we had to make -- Sugar Mama's Bakeshop. They had the BEST cupcakes (most were vegan) and this is where they were getting their cupcakes for the wedding. They also sold the cutest vintage looking aprons... I really wanted one but they were a little too pricey for me!

The day we got there we stopped by Men's Werehouse to make sure Mr. Mojito's tux fit right, he looked like such a stud. After the wedding his feet were dying though, so it was nice because he is definately reconsidering wearing the shoes from Men's Wherehouse on our actual wedding day! Wasn't he such a stud? Aww, can't wait to see him on our wedding day!

Told you these pix were out of order? But that was Sugar Mama's sign lol

We went to a great Mexican restaurant... totally different then So Cal that's for sure. Tex-Mex is definately different then what I'm used to. The restaurant brought us some "Pre-Wedding tequilla shots"... not exactly what we needed after already downing some margarita pitchers!

And I'll leave you with our fabulous view of downtown from our hotel. We stayed in Downtown for a couple of days before heading to the retreat center where everyone was staying for the weekend of the wedding. I'll show you around the grounds in my next post!

I absolutely love Austin and am so happy to have some family to visit and stay with whenever we need a little vacation!


Katie said...

Mmmmm cupcakes!

I miss Tex-Mex...and Texas style barbeque...yumm-o!

Pug(s) and Bugg said...

Mr Mojito is lookin' sharp!

I just started appreciating Tex-Mex food... next time I'm in Texas I will be exploring some more! My fave last time I was there was Chuy's.