Sunday, December 6, 2009

Internet Inspirations: Random Reflections of a Perfectionist

This week's "Internet Inspiration" is comin' at ya straight from the East Coast. I remember her being one of my FIRST followers when I started my blog and I'm pretty sure I found out about her blog through Miss Pug. They had both gotten engaged around the same time and were sorority sisters in College! Are her and her fiance not soo cute? Meet Katie, love her!

Name or Blogger Name: Random Reflections of a Perfectionist, but my name is Katie ;)


How long have you been blogging? I've been blogging since July 2009, shortly after Justin and I got engaged!

What inspired you to start blogging? I had a few reasons to begin blogging. First - my family and friends are all from out of state, so it is a great way for me to let them all know what is going on with my planning! Also, I love to write, and the blog is a fantastic outlet for me to spit out my thoughts and get feedback. I am constantly forming ideas for new posts in my head, and I have started carrying around a notebook everywhere I go to write them down as they come (although, sadly, the shower is one of the best places for idea-making...haven't figured out a way to bring my notebook in there yet!). I know, it sounds pretty nerdy, but I have always been proud of my writing abilities, and I really enjoy being able to flex my writing "muscles" with the blog!

What did you originally blog about and how has that evolved? Ok, I'll admit it...I started my blog with the express purpose of getting accepted to WeddingBee. ***Hangs head in embarrassment.*** HOWEVER, I quickly realized that I greatly enjoy creating blog posts each day, and that I would want to do it regardless of whether or not I'm accepted to the site in the end (although, come on...I am still crossing my fingers so hard that they are about to snap off). I started blogging as a means to an end, but it has evolved into a cathartic activity for me that I have grown passionate about. I started out writing strictly about wedding things, but I've started posting recipes lately (I have a bunch more coming...); I'm hoping that I can also transition my blog to newlywed life after the nuptials!

What different types of blogs do you stalk? I don't like to discriminate...I'm pretty much obsessed with anything in the blog world! Ok, but seriously, I am clearly a stalker of wedding blogs (duh). I spend the majority of my time reading those! However, I have started to stumble upon food blogs and "hostessing" blogs, and I can't get enough of them!

Three of your favorite blogs? I have to pick three?!?! So hard...I could list a million...I read literally every single blog that I put on my Reader...

1. Well, clearly I must make a shout out to Miss Pug ( I love following her planning...and we go back to college. We weren't best buddies at that point, but now we chat on a daily basis...its funny how a wedding can bring people together unexpectedly!

2. Those food blogs that I love? Shazam! Here you go...and try not to get obsessed: Bakerella (, Hostess With The Mostess (, and The Pioneer Woman (

3. Hard to pick, but Style me Pretty ( and Snippet and Ink ( are also daily indulgences.

How many blogs do you think you have in your feeder? ...Drumroll please...186. Oh my goodness...

What impact has blogging had on you? I am an "inexperienced bride." I am the first of my friends to take the plunge, and I have only attended 2 weddings in my entire life. I have been so overwhelmed (in a good way) by the amazing support and fabulous-ness that is the wedding blog world! I have been able to connect with people I didn't know before this process started (yay new friends!), and I have been able to reconnect with others. I love being able to share ideas and inspiration with my readers, and I love getting ideas, tips, and pointers sent my way! It has really helped develop my wedding plans!

Additional Blogging Rants: Sometimes it is really hard for me to sit down and bang out posts. I am a perfectionist (ahem...hence the title of my blog), so I want everything to be just right. It takes me a good amount of time to complete some posts, and I feel guilty when I'm blatantly ignoring my fiance in order to indulge myself and my readers with my latest thoughts. Perhaps one day he'll understand... ;)

Thank you Katie for being a part of my weekly blog awards! You know I love you and your blog! Dont' forget to post your award and send your readers on over to check out your "interview"!

I'm running out of nominations! Would you like to be the next Internet Inspiration or know someone who should be? Shoot me an email at withthisringitheeblog @ gmail dot com.


Katie said...

Aww thank you for posting! I am so glad to be featured, clearly! :)

Katie said...

Oh wait! One quick thing I just noticed! As much as I would have LOVED to be one of Kelly's sorority sisters, we actually were in different ones. :) Funny enough, I wanted to Sigma Kappa (what she is), and she liked AOII (mine)...but it ended up the other way around! Or, at least, I think that is how it went down! We had a class together junior year that we always chatted during...and then we really didn't communicate much after that until both of us were planning a wedding!

Ok, too much information? Lol...

Miss Pug said...

Oh I looove my Katie!!!! Thanks for interviewing one of my fave bloggers! (Sidenote though... I'm a Sigma Kappa and she's an A O Pi!!!! I think if we were in the same sorority we would've been besties; we both preffed SK and AOII but ended up in different ones.)

YEAH KATIE!!!!!!!!!! You are super famous :)

Born to be Mrs. Beever said...

Love Katie! So glad you featured her...she inspired me to start my Music Mondays posts. :)

Em said...

Woooo girl!!! I love Katie and her blog and her Tweets!