Sunday, December 20, 2009

Internet Inspirations: Happily Ever After

This week's Internet Inspirations is miss Kmatts from "Happily Ever After"... she is one of the first blogs I started following and she's been following me for quite some time so it was only a matter of time before I send her this award!

This picture is very appropriate for right before Christmas! :)

Name or Blogger Name: kmattso2

Website: Happily After All at

How long have you been blogging? Technically I started right around the time I got engaged in April, and posted, maybe 4 blogs? Then I finished school for the semester, moved to MN and had a super crazy summer, so I didn’t even log back in until about September. But once I got back to school and started working on a bunch of wedding stuff, then I really got into it.
What inspired you to start blogging? I won’t lie ... for about a week after I found Weddingbee I thought I’d love to be a Bee, but that died out quickly. Now I’m doing it for me as a way to stay organized and share my ideas as well as find some freaking amazing projects and ideas from all of you as well.
What did you originally blog about and how has that evolved? It’s been pretty much the same ever since I started. It’s a wedding blog, very heavy on the do-it-yourself projects, and I’m not trying to pass it off as anything but. I’ll sneak in a couple non wedding things from time to time.
What different types of blogs do you stalk? I love how you use the word stalk, because that’s about how it goes! I’d say that 98% of the blogs I’m stalking are wedding blogs. And that’s probably just because that’s where I’m at in my life right now. Then there is the occasional crafty blog, house building, weight loss, and cake maker blogs. At some point I’d love to start following some that are heavy on recipes, coupon cutting, raising a family, etc. etc.
Three of your favorite blogs? Here they are, but I warn you...they change daily, depending on the mood I’m in. And today they’re actually not all wedding blogs.
1) Fourty 20 Four at She was one of the bees, and I honestly don’t remember which one. (Mojito Editor's Note: It's Mrs. Joey!) But I love that they are building their house from the ground up and sharing the process. That’s what the mister and I are hoping to do someday so it’s been super interesting.
2) Ex Hot Girl at She is hilarious, frank, and doesn’t mind showing us pictures of her weight loss journey. This girl has lost 50 pounds and is going strong. I like it because it’s inspiration for me to stop being a lazy ass and get back in shape!
3) Lucky in Love at Miss LauraLou and I are wedding twins I swear. Every time I pop over to her blog she’s talking about something I’ve done or am planning on doing, or really want to do. We’re both dealing with a long distance relationship and being away at school, and all that fun stuff.
How many blogs do you think you have in your feeder? I actually went and counted just for you. At the moment I am following 58 blogs. And I would definitely love to find some more. At this point I’ve kind of just been adding my new followers if they have a blog, or if I link to one from someone else’s blog. I really need to start actively looking for some more, because I’m becoming slightly obsessed, and I’ve found it’s the best way to procrastinate schoolwork.
What impact has blogging had on you? Well it’s probably made a huge impact on my grades for the a negative way! Ha, kidding, kind of. But overall, it has been an awesome experience. Personally it’s letting me get to know my style and has helped me sort through all of the trends and figure out what I really want. Sitting down to write a post makes me really think about what’s going and if I love it or not. Blogging has also made me some new blogger friends which has been pretty neat.
Additional Blogging Rants: Just wanted to share something I thought was kind of strange. I realized that I don’t actually have anyone following me that I know personally. For some reason I’ve just never shared my blog with my friends or family. Mr. T will pop in from time to time, because I’ll link him a particular blog if I want him to see something. But other than that, no one I know has seen my blog. Oh, and p.s. if you’ve been following me...thanks so much!! It’s so awesome to hear all of your comments, ideas, and opinions. You guys have been awesome! And thanks Miss Mojito for thinking I’m interesting enough to talk to! Your blog is fabulous as well =]

Thanks for being a sport and fillin' out the interview... even though you were supposed to be studying for finals! :) Don't forget to post this award on your blog and send your readers on over to check out your interview!

Still lookin' for a few more Internet Inspirations for the next month or so. Many of you have shown your interest but I have no way of contacting you if you don't have an email on your profile. Please email me anytime at and I will respond ASAP!

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