Thursday, December 17, 2009


Yup, that's right. I'm at the four month mark. I seriously can't believe it. The pressure from my mom is becoming a little more frequent, saying how much stuff I need to get done while I still can since it's stuff that doesn't need to wait until the last minute.

Here are the few things I plan on getting done before the three month mark:

-Pick up Mr. Mojito's ring (going tomorrow with Mama Mojito, can't wait to show you!).

-Making our table numbers (also doing with Mama Mojito tomorrow).

-Meeting with our florist and finalizing flowers(second week in January).

-Meeting with my coordinator Katy, from Katy Carrier Events to figure out everything she wants and needs from me.

-Put together a playlist to submit to the DJ (kinda early, but something to get out of the way).

-My dress should be in before the three month mark! So I will see what alterations will be needed there.

What other things should I get out of the way while I still have time? Where are you at in your wedding timeline... do you feel ahead or behind? According to Wedding Saint Martha's timeline I'm ahead of schedule, Mama Mojito swears we are extremely behind.

P.S. Giveaway coming!


Born to be Mrs. Beever said...

Ha! You know that yesterday was our 4 month mark! I am way ahead of schedule but still have so much to do! We just got Mr Fix It's rings a few weeks back and we picked out tuxedos for the guys a little over a week ago. Our invitations are finalized and a sample is on it's way to me in the mail so I can give the final go ahead for printing! What about your favors? I have our table numbers almost done and have bought everything I need for escort cards, favors, etc. Do you have anything you can get done with those little details? We've also designed our DIY labels we are using for the escort cards, favor tags, etc. Just think, in less than 3 weeks we'll be into the double digit countdown!

Bee @ BP Wedding said...

Wooo you're getting so close! I'm so excited for you. Good luck with everything. I hope it all goes smoothly for you. :)

Jen said...

4 months to go awesome! It sounds like you are right on schedule! I remember the 4 month mark, it will fly by :)