Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Can't Wait to be Honeymooners

Honestly, the one thing me and Mr. Mojito talk about alot is the Honeymoon. I think Mr. Mojito might even be more excited about the Honeymoon then the actual wedding. But the thought of getting away, visiting exotic islands all over the Carribean, cocktails, massages, it all sounds fabulous.

But you know what else sounds fabulous? The perks. When I think of honeymoon perks I think of this scene from Friends, all Friends fans should remember this episode:

Oh my God! Oranges!

Okay, judge if you want - but Mr. Mojito and I are so Chandler and Monica. We want the goods, and we don't care if we need to play dirty to get it... what other chance will we have?

I know we will travel other times in our life, but there won't ever be another excuse to get free stuff. Our flights are on JetBlue, they don't have first class... but maybe we can get a free movie or cocktail? And on our cruise? Well we have a balcony, so how about a balcony SUITE? Some free cocktails? A yummy dessert at dinner? We'll take whatever we can get.

Mr. Mojito and I are so guilty of wanting free stuff on a regular basis he is even willing to sport a short. So I plan on getting something made that we can wear the day we board the cruise... and the plane... and go into our hotel in Florida. Haha :)


Ashley @ Bride on a Budget said...

Oh we totally want the free stuff. I'm going to milk it as much as possible. If you're sailing Carnival, check out John Heald's Blog (google him) and leave him a comment about a month before you leave and tell him you're only honeymoon. He'll do something special for you.

Born to be Mrs. Beever said...

Me, too! I want an upgrade to first class on our 14 hour flight so bad! I am just dying. I keep telling Mr Fix It that we will definitely be asking if honeymooners can get any upgrades! Fingers crossed. Maybe we'll get us some Just Married tees!