Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Playing Catch-up

I know I will be super busy after tomorrow for the remainder of the week so I spent some time putting together some posts that will be scheduled throughout the week. Now I don't have to leave my fabulous readers in the dust. I'm tight like that.

So you may be wondering why I was MIA from posts for a good five days or so, let's see.

Well I found out in the beginning of last week that I have been invited to be a blogger for Weddzilla! Of course I accepted -- and then got writers block. I had nothing to say, nothing to write. I just needed to do an introduction post and I thought I sucked hard at that even. I seriously couldn't get my usual witty and bubbly self to put together a damn introduction, but I did it, and it posted. You can see my introductory post here. Weddzilla has a fabulous group of girls from all different areas so I definately recomend you check the blog out and add it to your reader. They have some big up and coming things with their website as well, so stay tuned!

I'm not sure where my posts will go from here. There will be a LOT of posts here that I won't post on Weddzilla, and there might be a couple (once in a while) on there that you won't see here. So be sure to check back often so you can check out myself as well as some new bloggers you may not have seen in the wedding world before.

Other then that this consummed my weekend:

Mr. Mojito's parents got us Droids for Christmas. Mr. Mojito's BlackBerry said hasta luego to him a few weeks back and he was suffering with a tempermental phone. We actually went to the Verizon store with big plans for new BlackBerry's only to be sucked into playing with a Droid and well... falling in love.

I've had plenty of play time with iPhones and BlackBerry's, all in which I've loved. I wanted an iPhone for the longest time but refused to not only leave Verizon, but even worse to join the AT&T clan. Bleh. So when this phone was supposedly going to give iPhone a run for it's money I wasn't sure what to think. My opinion now? It is. This phone is the 'ish. We had to charge it constantly all weekend because the battery couldn't last the entire day with us running apps and playing on Facebook ALL day.

It truly was pathetic, a typical exciting day of college football was interupted with all of our faces stuck in this damn phone. I know a couple readers had discussed the possibility of the Droid -- do it, it's that awesome.

So between the phone, my Weddzilla induced writer's block, and Mr. Mojito being sick (did I mention that one too?) it's just been quite crazy. Luckily enough today was slow at work and I was able to really just start slamming out a few posts I had wanted to write.

What are some things that have kept you from blogging? I know we all go through these phases.


Westside Wedding said...

Congrats on being a weddzilla blogger!!!

Jen said...

Thank you for the review of the Droid! I'm leaning towards it!

New Mexican Bride said...

Seems like everything keeps me from being able to blog lately. I have been so busy, holidays, parties, moving our offices, etc..... sometimes all I want to do is just blog, sit online and read and write. But as of late, I am stumped too, I am still catching up, as you can see this is like a week later comment. I will think of something soon, I know I will but until then, I'm having fun catching up! I'll add Weddzilla to my list too!!! congrats~!