Thursday, November 26, 2009

Mr. Mojito's Bling Journey: Part 2

So in my last post I was able to give you a little idea of what Mr. Mojito's ring will be looking like. I can't WAIT to show you actual pix once I pick it up! Today I'm gonna confess my budget breakdown and what I was willing to spend and what I ended up spending on Mr. Mojito's ring.

Honestly, I had no idea what a ring for a man should cost. We spent about $250 I believe on Mr. Mojito's Tungsten ring, now I can truly see how cheap you can get them and it makes me sad... oh well, we were young and in love. Who am I kidding, it wasn't even two years ago and we didn't research AT ALL, we did it all on a whim, but I love my ring and I'm okay with it now (once they were paid off!).

I saved up $800 for Mr. Mojito's ring and didn't want to spend more then that, not knowing exactly what I was getting into since diamonds would be involved. Going in on Friday morning I said I would suck it up and go up to $1000 if necessary but that definately wasn't what I was hoping for.

The first places we went into I showed them what I was looking for and explained the exact look I wanted. I got quoted anywhere from $1100-1400 started and I wasn't too thrilled about this. The lowest I got anybody down to was $900. I was starting to get a little discouraged and was thinking I will just go with the $900 jeweler. Maybe he won't charge me tax if I pay cash, that would save me a good chunk of change too. Plus I loved this family, they were a sweet Jewish family that came to the US in the 70s and the mother was just amazing she was so sweet, she kept telling me "Be strong, be happy." Whatever that means, I just adored her. Thank God Mama Mojito told them we would talk about it and possibly be back because she could tell my love for friendly business people can sell me over in a heartbeat.

Next stop was Gold Empire Jewelry, the jeweler who designed and made my gorgeous engagement ring. Need a reminder?

I didn't think so but I just love it so much I wanted to share it again, especially to some of my new followers! I immediately met Johnny who was the guy Brad worked with. As soon as I walked in he saw my ring and said "MR. MOJITO!" (enter real name)... he knew who I was just based on my ring without saying anything else. He talked about how wonderful my fiance was to work with, yada yada and we got down to business. I showed him what I was looking for and he started me off at $900 (already happy he's starting at were the others were ending). We kept talking and he dropped it down to $800. Out of nowhere my mom went on about how I'm a poor college student and threw out $650, he looked at my mom and said how about $700. All I said was "But I'm sweet and poor, plus Mr. Mojito gave you some good business!" Fine, $650. It was seriously that easy, it didn't even take serious work. I was SO happy to be way under budget for what I was planning on spending! I couldn't be happier with what we picked out and I can't wait to see the finished project!

Is there anything you regret not researching enough? What have you done where lots of research has paid off?

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New Mexican Bride said...

oh your ring is beautiful! Can't wait to see his! What a deal!