Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Mr. Mojito's Bling Journey: Part 1

As I posted last Friday morning I was headed with Mama Mojito to Downtown LA to visit the Jewelry District. This place is awesome and ever since the first time I went there I was in "Girls Best Friend Heaven"...

This picture is actually a view from a little cafe Mama Mojito and I ate at while my ring was getting checked and cleaned. That was the longest time I'd ever gone without wearing my ring and I felt so naked! We shared a delish pastrami sammy and a cup of clam chowder - it was yum-o.

So anyways, I had a few places that I had been referred to in the jewelry district as well as the place where Mr. Mojito purchased my ring. I decided to go there last. Before going there I went into three jewelry stores, so four stores total.

Before I get into the quotes I was receiving, etc. let me tell you a little bit about what Mr. Mojito wanted and what vision I had for his ring.

First off, Mr. Mojito and I both got promise rings together. The ring he got was a gorgeous simple Tungsten wedding band, something that most men use and Mr. Mojito has loved. But since that was a promise ring of course Mr. Mojito wanted an upgrade from that (as did I from my promise ring). Here is the ring Mr. Mojito is currently rocking:

We were so excited about getting the rings, we didn't do any research we should have done. We could have gotten the rings we wanted for next to nothing at the J.D. in L.A. but instead hit up Zales and got ripped a new one for this bad boy.

Mr. Mojito had two requests: White Gold & Diamonds

I clearly didn't want Mr. Mojito lookin' like Mr. T so I was determined to find something with very simple diamonds, masculine, and sexy.

This was the ring I chose:

Then in three of those squares there will be one little princess cut diamond, something similar to this but the diamonds are a LOT smaller and of course square rather then round:

I hope I can somewhat paint a picture in your head. I basically picked out a band and then the size of the diamonds I wanted and it's in the process of being made right now. They said I should have it within two weeks so I'm expecting by the first week in December I will be able to pick it up. I was thinking of trying to come up with a cute way to "propose" to him with it. We decided I wasn't going to surprise him with it on the wedding day so I want to come up with a cute way I can do it in December. Maybe I will give it to him on Christmas? Any ideas?

Up next: Why you never say yes at stop #1!


Born to be Mrs. Beever said...

I can picture exactly what you are describing because that is the ring my fiance wanted! :) He also wanted white gold and diamonds and picked out the ring like yours with 3 diamonds in the center of the squares.

We actually opted for a different ring in the end but that was the first runner up :)

Chocolate Lover said...

Mr. Milk didn't want diamonds in his to my disappointment. I can't wait to see pics of the ring you guys get!