Sunday, November 1, 2009

Love Snail Mail!

...when it's not junk!

Don't you love when you are weeding through the coupons and weekly ads only to find a big colorful envelope, a package, etc.?! I love hand written pretty envelopes, because I know there is a party in my future. In this case I had received an awesome treat freebie that I had mentioned in a previous post a couple of weeks ago. Traylor Papers was sending anybody who asked some free personalized stationary from their colection. Well I recieved a lovely note from them along with three personalized notecards! So fun!

Loved this cute girly card, and you can always sell me with a great envelope liner!

Cute, simple, pink and green - perfect.

I think this one was my favorite, included the three colors of my wedding!
Definately will be using this for something wedding related before the wedding.
(Didn't even think to use my future last name for these!)

They sent a nice little note along with all of the notecards as well as a sheet of paper saying your name in tons of different fonts so if you order some note cards you can see what your name looks like in all the different fonts, how helpful!

Thanks Traylor Paper! I will definately be doing an order from them at some point in the future, maybe for my bridesmaid cards or something like that, check out their site! You can get so many ideas on your own personalized stationary! Also a great gift for a future Mrs. with her new last name for a bridal shower or engagement gift!

Did any of you ladies partake in this fun freebie? I saw Jen's from A Girl With Pearls and a Boy with Toys and hers turned out so cute as well!


Ashley @ Ramirez Family said...

I got mine in the mail too and have been meaning to blog about it. I will do it this week =) I actually got the same top one too...I think it might be my fav. I might have to place an order to buy some.

Ashley @ Bride on a Budget said...

I got mine too. So cute!

I forgot to use my married last name too, so I'll be using them for shower thank yous.

Danielle said...

I did the same thing and loved them! I also used the discount code she included on an order last week - it also turned out great.

Jen said...

I got mine too! I loveeee them!