Saturday, November 14, 2009

It's official.

I have beat my Christmas decorating record by a week. I'm always one of the first to decorate but it's almost ridiculous. Won't be able to do this next year when we host Thanksgiving at our house! Haha... lights are up outside (neighbor was staring the whole time lol) and all of the inside decor is up except the Christmas tree. Pix coming sometime in the next day or two! I love the Christmas spirit!

Isn't that picture hilarious? Are you lovin' the holiday spirit or are you more like the "ditto" people above?


Christine said...

I love Christmas too!

Katie said...

OMG that picture kills me! Hilarious! I want to put up xmas decorations!!! :(

Jenn said...

haha that pic is hilarious!

Eva said...

I work for a group of radio stations in Seattle and one of the stations in our group was the first station in the country to go "ALL CHRISTMAS MUSIC" eons ago.

This photo made the rounds last Friday at the office - TOOOOO FUNNY! :)