Sunday, November 8, 2009

Internet Inspirations: You Can't Take it With You

Hello my lovely Mojito Mob, this week I bring you one of my newer readers that I've gotten to know a little bit lately. Stacy from "You Can't Take It With You" contacted me to nominate a couple of bloggers for my Internet Inspirations. As I started reading more through her blog I realized she was someone I wanted to share with the rest of my bloggers. She is so sweet and I've really grown to love her blog, the other day after she emailed me her answers I sat on her blog for I don't know how long!

The Proposal Pic

Name or Blogger Name: My name is Stacy Marie, and that is my real name.

Website: You Can't Take it With You

How long have you been blogging? Since May (I had to check, oops!)

What inspired you to start blogging? The first blog I started reading was Smitten Kitchen, and then when I got engaged I found the infamous Bee....but I think what motivated me to start blogging was Meg over at A Practical Wedding. She is so soulful and honest, I felt that I had that in me and wanted to put it out there.

What did you originally blog about and how has that evolved? I originally started blogging about Ryan and I's engagement. Really mostly wedding stuff, but I've blogged in the past about books I've read, recipes I've cooked, fun things I've done with my sisters....kind of an online diary, really, because I have a dismal memory. Lately it's been pretty much 100% wedding blogging though. I don't have a large circle of real life friends that live close, and none of them are engaged or really interested in weddings, so I get all of my wedding talk out of my system on my blog.

What different types of blogs do you stalk? I have a couple cooking blogs I follow, and oodles of wedding blogs! I follow 1 or 2 fashion blogs, and a couple just life blogs as well as a Unitarian Universalist blog.

Three of your favorite blogs? It's so hard to choose! I have so many, many favorites because there are so many talented writers out there right now, like yourself Miss Mojito! I love Sarah's perspective over on 2000DollarWedding, and I have been following Jenna at ThatWife for almost a year now. I recently started reading Accordions and Lace and I'm a big fan. Those are the big time bloggers who have no idea I exist! Among my "blog friends, I would say that Kristy at I'm Gonna Marry You Someday is a favorite, because I think her writing style is so ethereal and whimsical. I really enjoy My Spare Thoughts because she details her planning of a UK wedding. I also really enjoy Miss Pug, Chocolate Lover, and Em. I'm sorry, that's not really 3 at all, is it!

How many blogs do you think you have in your feeder? 62, but I am always on the hunt for new ones.

What impact has blogging had on you? I have found such an amazing circle of incredible women that are unfailingly supportive and honest. There are so many girls I am dying to meet in real life now. I wish we were all more centrally located so we could have a big fat meet-up, I think it would be a rocking good time. Since I don't have any friends who are getting married, these girls have turned in to true friends who are in the same place that I am. I am infinitely grateful for all of the wonderful ladies I speak of, including you Miss Mojito!

Additional Blogging Rants: Word verify drives me nuts, because I can never read the letters right even though I have 20/20 vision. Writer's block is plaguing me right now, bad timing as my application is currently in to the Bee.

Are they not the CUTEST?!

Thanks for being my Internet Inspiration of the week Stacey, don't forget to post your award on your blog and send your readers over to check out your interview!

And to all of my other readers, I'm on the hunt for some future Internet Inspirations! Would you like to be featured? Drop me an email or even contact me with a blog that you think I should feature!


Stacy Marie said...

Miss Mojito, you are too kind...thank you so much for the lovely feature!

buhdoop said...

What a great feature. Word verify drives me nuts too. I always have to click for the next one until I get one I can read.

Katie said...

Love this weekly feature! Perhaps one week it will be me ;) seeing all these blogs featured!