Sunday, November 29, 2009

Internet Inspirations: I'm Gonna Marry You Some Day

Name or Blogger Name: Kristy

Website: "I'm Gonna Marry You Some Day"

How long have you been blogging? I've been blogging for almost 2 years, but just started my wedding blog a few months ago

What inspired you to start blogging? I've always been a big fan of design blogs, Design*Sponge, Poppy Talk, Oh Joy!, etc. and I also work in advertising so there are a slew of blogs about my day job that i read regularly as well. Some of the work that the advertising community puts out is really creative and inspiring, but it's usually the work that Joe Public does not get to see. I used to send emails to my mom or my friends about cool campaigns or animated commercials but then started working from home and needed an outlet away from my work tasks to say something that I wanted to say, to be creative, and to collect my inspirations. So I started my blog, "Two if by See."

What did you originally blog about and how has that evolved? When i started TwoifbySee i thought it would be a bit of a catch all, interior design, photography, film, commercials, but it became pretty streamlined and anything crafty or interior design related just didnt seem to fit with my readership. I also use to showcase my own art work and photography but that stopped as well. When i started wedding planning i was dying for an outlet, and i knew blogging so well it made sensen - though i knew i would have to seperate my wedding world from TwoifbySee since it has sort of taken on an identity of its own at this point.

What different types of blogs do you stalk? Design Blogs, Wedding Blogs, Advertising Blogs, Film and Art Blogs, Fashion Blogs, and my guilty pleasure Perez Hilton

Three of your favorite blogs? Big time blogs - Creativity-Online, Design*Sponge, Style Me Pretty/A Practical Wedding. But then there are the blogs that i love because i feel like they are my equals and virtual companions - Postcards from Concrete, You Can't Take it With You, Buhdoop - i could go on and on!

How many blogs do you think you have in your feeder? I really have no idea! I don't use a feeder as much as i probably should. Since i pop around when i have free time from work i tend to look more organically, visit the dozen or so that i hit and know update daily as i remember them. Then i look for new updates from my followers and blog roll. I know it's all laid out in a neat little list for me but i guess i like something about being a little all over the place! If i had to guess how many i hit a day, I'd say maybe 30?

What impact has blogging had on you? i really love my blogs. I love having a soap box and a perspective on the world and i love when other people share in that perspectuive or get excited about the same things i do. I get upset when i have such a busy day i can't post, it's become something i need for balance in my day. Wedding blogging is love on a whole other level. I found a certain degree of satisfaction stalking some of the major blogs, drooling over bouquets and brides and DIY goodies, but being able to vent and to connect with other real women going through the same experiences that I am at the same time is something that is so much greater that having a diary or inspirational imagery alone. It really is a special sort of virtual comeradery. I would recommend starting a blog to any Bride to Be out there, it's priceless (see that commercial line i threw in there, sneaky huh?!)

Additional Blogging Rants: I think for all the wedding planning ladies out there it is important to stress that while blogs can be endless inspiration, full of advice and wonderful ideas, they can also stress you out. It's impossible to compare yourself to some of the gorgeous weddings on Martha Stewart Weddings and feel like you can compare without an impressive budget. It's good for inspiration but not necessisarily aspiration. You have to rememeber that your wedding is a wedding not a photoshoot and those weddings actually were both.

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Stacy Marie said...

What a great feature on an amazing blogger!

buhdoop said...

Great feature! Good information about blogging and wedding planning at the end. Sometimes it can get overwhelming.

Kristy said...

thanks Miss Mojito, I'm so honored to be featured!