Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I'm writing this post...

...way to quickly! Did I not just say six months to go? Mr. Mojito and I are officially at the five month mark, I can't believe it!

Some things I want to accomplish in the next month is to:
  • Meet up with my coordinator.
  • Plan a night together with my MOH's, grab some bottles of wine, and assemble my invites.
  • Finish my gathering of floral inspiration to meet with florist in January.
  • Go to Men's Warehouse to put in all of our pix and try on our choices to finalize everything.
  • Let the boys know what they will be ordering for the wedding.
  • Go through music list draft with Mr. Mojito.
Nothing too important that HAS to be done in the next month, but I think it's some basic stuff that would be nice to get out of the way. The one thing I want to get done before Christmas for sure is assembling the wedding invites, because starting mid-December I will be very busy until mid-January and we are sending them out at the end of January. Plus, if I get this job I want who knows how crazy my schedule could get!

I'm that much closer to being Mrs. Mojito and I can hardly stand it!


kmattso2 said...

How exciting!!! We hit our 6 month mark on Sunday and it seems like it's just flying by =] I remember when we first got engaged thinking that over a year was going to take forever to get here, but it's definitely moving quickly.

Aubrey said...

Seeing as you and I are getting married on the same day, that would mean that we're at the 5-month mark too! That's really scary. Did you have to put it out there and remind me?


Stephanie said...

yay!!! so exciting :)